20 Million Americans Sick From C0VID Vaxxine

By Covid Vaccine Victims And Families


A recent study from Columbia University shows that the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is only recording 1/20th of the adverse reactions to the COVID vaccine.

VAERS Statistics As Of January 1st:

420,040 Deaths
20,004,540 Injuries
713,000 Permanent Disabilities
68,700 Miscarriages
212,800 Heart Attacks
2,212,180 Hospitalizations
2,184,900 Urgent Care
3,129,120 Doctor Office Visits
173,460 Anaphylaxis
250,640 Bell’s Palsy
442,340 Myocarditis / Pericarditis
100,220 Thrombocytopenia
477,840 Life Threatening
729,840 Sever Allergic Reaction
229,240 Shingles