47-year-old passed away within a week of getting the Cshot

By Sherry Strong

Today I spoke to a man in Mexico whose girlfriend’s 47-year-old mother-in-law passed away within a week of getting the Cshot. She was perfectly healthy, ate really well, and ran regularly. She died with liver failure within a week with no history of liver or other health issues.

I spoke to a woman in Canada whose brother got the Fi zer shot on April 30th and went back to the hospital the same day with shortness of breath. He was sent home with a puffer. He was found dead at 5am on May 4th in the hallway of his home. They are still waiting for a toxicology report and cause of death but they were told there was no organ damage. No previous health issues apart from occasional asthma. This man is not in our Canadian VA ERS count.

She is afraid to tell her brother’s story on camera as she believes she could lose her job for going public with this but she wants people to know.

When I posted I was looking for people to come forward over 1000 people looked at the post. 200 people shared it. 2 people came forward. They are afraid of people gaslighting them, some who’ve come forward with injuries have had death threats, they’ve been mocked while others are afraid to lose their jobs, friends, family and social status for telling the truth about their experience.

One woman told me yesterday that she didn’t want the shot but took it because as her mother’s caregiver her mother pleaded with her to get it. Everything in her told her not to but she acquiesced for her mother. She is a health care worker who is a single mother responsible for 2 children. She was healthy before the shot. Now she has blinding migraines, debilitating weakness, sight loss and cannot drive. She is no longer able to care for her mother and is worried that she won’t be able to care for her children. .

I just started to ask victims to talk to me yesterday. Many have reached out to apologize as they are afraid to come forward. There are thousands of people who are experiencing effects that doctors refuse to list.

Doctors who’ve filed only to have their reports denied by the Canadian reporting site and the patients contacted by the site to tell the patient with the adverse event their doctor was wrong and they are safe to take the second shot.

I’m just starting and overwhelmed by the support and kindness of people. Shocked by those who call me a friend and accuse me of making things up, poor research and even outright lying.

The most laughable accusation was getting my research from trolling goggle given how heavily they have censored the information that tells this story including official government sites with data that back up what I’m saying.

Before I started this I did thousands of hours of in-depth research. I know those who accuse me have not touched on the depth and breadth of the research I’ve done because they simply could not and still hold the opinion they have. It is impossible to hear these heartbreaking stories from people who have nothing to gain and everything to lose for telling their stories.

If you are a skeptic I implore you to see these people as family, fellow humans grieving the life they once had. You may have taken it are not be feeling ill effects. this in no way proves that there isn’t a problem with it. Gaslighting them is an act of emotional abuse. Whatever you believe, know they are afraid and hurting, please send them love and wishes of healing.

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Nathalie Desmarais
I know someone that said to me that her best friend got the shot and then a week after lost one eye and she had no vision problem. Ask me if I am getting this ridiculous outrage of a shot🤬😡🤯😢

Christine Derek
Thank you Sherry Strong for all that you are doing (in face of the risks) and for continuing to share this information. 💕

Ky Stubley
Pretty much the same down here in Australia Sherry…keep up your great work! 🙏💙
Can you make this post public as i’d like to share it?

Renee Jeffus
thank you for doing this and giving voice to so many!

Laura Erickson
Our mechanic couldnt fix my car because he had to have emergency surgery to remove his appendix. He had the shot within a couple weeks of that. I’ve now read that this is quite common. My mom’s best friend had them and has issues with her lungs and breathing, extreme swollen neck and is getting worse. They are running a bunch of tests. My dad and his wife went today for their second. I was unable to prevent it despite my efforts. I am very concerned for my dad. I’ll keep you updated. Thank you for what you are doing. 🙏😘

Ian Faulkner
What a strange set of coincidences but I wouldn’t draw any conclusion from it!

Soraya Fateh Bir
I took moderna vaccine on May 16th and ended up in ER on June 6 with an excruciating abdominal pain. I was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis. I don’t drink nor eat red meat – I am a vegetarian. Doctors didn’t know why my pancreas was inflamed. No explanation for it. I have been healthy and all my exams and blood tests were normal. Did a endoscopy today and my pancreas is perfect again… again doctors can not explain why my pancreas got inflamed.

Judy Armstrong
Thank you Sherry for speaking our about this. The truth can’t be suppressed forever and the light is exposing the darkness. Sending love and appreciation 💕🙏💕

Rachel Bernice White
Sherry you are so strong for doing what you’re doing. I’m so proud of you. You still have the same phone number right? I’d like to chat with you in regards to something I want to do for First Nations like this because as you’re aware to coming after the kids. I I would also like to be support for you.

Carrie Kohan
Will you do an interview with me? We have over 3.4 mill viewers so far… ❤️

Katie De Araujo
I am a brave person but you are right… I am scared to share your posts on my FB page because of people’s reaction. I am doing my best to weigh things up but suppression of information and gaslighting is a real problem atm. Thanks for your work, your thoroughness and your clear stance.

John Renko
The Truth is out ❤️. Sad that some people don’t want to hear it

Neil Henderson
Thousands of hours of in-depth research ? As someone in medicine that kind of statement is usually viewed in a similar context to Honest Ed’s Used Cars and Ed’s need to state repeatedly that he’s honest. Almost everyone / anyone in science who’s invested that kind of time will usually come up with a hypothesis or at least a brief research summary or perhaps even an article presenting their perspective or findings. Do you have any of this ? Have you taken any definitive steps in one direction or another regarding statistics and / or analysis thereof ? I’m curious. Thank you for your time and attention.


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