ANR Founder Says He Will Pay Any Australian Parent $1000 USD in Cryptocurrency, (Truthcoin) That Refuses To Kill or Injure Their Baby or Child With the Deadly, Unsafe, Ineffective and Totally Unnecessary C0VID Jabs

Telegram Post By Jamie McIntyre

ANR Founder says he will pay any Australian Parent $1000 USD in cryptocurrency, (Truthcoin) that refuses to kill or injure their baby or child with the deadly, unsafe, ineffective and totally unnecessary Covid jabs.
He said he admits a $1000 is nothing compared to how much the TV networks and some Government Officials are being paid to push these deadly drugs upon innocent people that are killing 1 Australian every 15 mins (according to Jan 2022 excess mortality rates of 22.1% increase of 2865 – almost all deaths are after they have been vaccinated)

Truthcoin lists on exchanges in coming weeks. and is able to be used for advertising credits and subscriptions across the TruthGroup and Global Independent Media Partners and “ growing marketplace“.