Apple Valley Village Health Care Center Saw >10X Higher COVID Death Rates After COVID Vax Rollout. Isn’t it Supposed to Decrease Rates?


It’s in the official Medicare reports! And an employee revealed that 30% of the residents died directly after the shots. Bottom line: the CDC lied and people died.

I got inside data from someone who worked at Apple Valley Village Health Care Center showing that the vaccines killed patients and made them more likely to die from COVID.

Executive summary

I recently heard an extraordinary story from an employee at Apple Valley Village Health Care Center in Apple Valley, MN.

Before the vaccines, there were 27 cases of COVID and no deaths from COVID. Not a single death.

So things were under control. No need for a vaccine; nobody was dying.

But they had to roll out the vaccine because they were told to.

Here’s what happened next:

  1. 30% of patients killed by the vaccine in 3 weeks: Over 40 people died within 3 weeks after the shot. There were around 140 residents at the time, so the vaccine killed nearly 30% of the residents.
  2. 10X higher death rate from COVID: Shortly after the vaccine rollout, in one span of just 3 weeks, there were 90 cases of COVID which resulted in 28 deaths from COVID. COVID, which wasn’t deadly before people got the shots, seems to have made people much more likely to get COVID and much more likely to die from COVID. You don’t have to take my word on this; it’s right there in the official US government CMS data: a 10X higher death rate from COVID post-vaccine.

In short, the COVID vaccines were an absolute disaster at that facility. Everyone kept quiet about it. They didn’t even tell key members of management (like the person in charge of PR).

Nobody who works there today would return my calls to confirm these reports for some reason. I can’t figure out why. I just want to know the truth.

It’s almost like they are hiding something.

I picked a random facility for comparison and the numbers there were even worse; the vaccine killed everyone at that facility and made people much more likely to die from COVID as well. In fact, it was so bad, that more people died from COVID than were infected with COVID!

Finally, the most important lesson, once again, is that we need full transparency of record-level public health data. When we have this transparency, we can instantly see how flawed the data is. Without that transparency, we erroneously trust data that we should never have trusted.

It’s too bad nobody in public service agrees with me on this and will sponsor a bill to make public health care records public.


There must be some reason that no nursing in America wants to share their data with me, but I just can’t seem to figure it out. 😉

Well, I finally got my wish: I got data from an employee at Apple Valley Village Health Care Center.

On Sunday, Jan 3, 2021, this employee was called back to work during the holidays due to a massive number of deaths that started happening right after the COVID vaccines were given on December 28 and 29 of 2020 (Monday and Tues).

In other words, in just 5 days after the shots, the Center had become a war zone. It was so bad, they had to call their employees back to the office early from their holiday to deal with all the dead bodies.

Over 40 people died in a 3 week period in January in a facility that housed 140 patients at the start of 2021 (178 bed total capacity). That’s a loss of nearly 30% of the residents killed by the vaccine.

This is a train wreck.

Maybe that is why the nursing homes won’t return my calls?

Site selection

This nursing facility was selected for this story because I was contacted by a whistleblower there who provided quantitative information and dates.

I’m not cherry picking. I’m just documenting information that is offered to me.

Also, if the vaccine is safe, there can’t be a single facility where the vaccine is unsafe and large fractions of the patient base dies. So a single facility can prove that the null hypothesis (vaccines are safe) is false.

The key statistics that were reported

  1. COVID death rate before vaccine: 0 deaths in 27 COVID cases. A death rate of zero.
  2. COVID death rate post-vaccine: 28 COVID deaths in 90 cases, a more than 10X increase in the rate (technically, it’s an infinite increase since the rate before was 0).
  3. All-cause deaths per dose caused by the vaccine: 40 deaths in 140 doses which is more than 1 death for every 4 doses. That is not a typo.

Apple Valley Village lessons

  1. This is why the nursing homes are never talking about what a huge success the vaccines were. It’s not because they are shy. It’s because the vaccines killed massive numbers of elderly people.
  2. Nobody spoke up. There was no PR about this, nothing to notify the community. The company didn’t even notify their head of communications about what was happening.
  3. Nobody wants to talk about it today. The company didn’t return any of my calls and believe me, I called lots of people.
  4. The Medicare records are publicly downloadable. Anyone can verify that before the COVID shots there were ZERO deaths in 27 cases. They can also verify just weeks later, after the shots, the death rate from COVID skyrocketed to 28 deaths in 90 cases, almost a 1 in 3 death rate from COVID, up from zero.
  5. The facility lost nearly 30% of their residents in just 3 weeks just from the shot alone (not from COVID).
  6. Of course, not all facilities will see such a high death rate, but the fact that you can find even a single facility with this level of deaths says there is something seriously wrong with the vaccine, e.g., quality control of batches.
  7. The vaccine did precisely the opposite of what people were told.
  8. When a child dies from drinking unsafe baby formula, we shut down the plant. When old people die at a nursing home, nobody gives a damn.

This is not the only example

I’m just picking on Apple Valley because I was able to get data from an insider to compare it with the official data in Medicare. They didn’t match up.

But this site is by no means the only example in Medicare. With 15,000 nursing homes listed, this is a “target rich environment.”

It took me no effort at all to find far worse examples.

Let’s use the 2020 and 2021 database and look at, for example, provider #315506 which is PROMEDICA SKILLED NURSING & REHAB (WASHINGTON Township) which I just picked randomly.

I called them up and I was able to directly talk to someone who could help me. He’s new there (the nursing home was acquired by a new entity in Feb 2023) and said he’d get back to me on the data. A far cry from the ghosting I got at Apple Valley Village.

Note that Promedica is huge; they have operations all over the US as you can see from this chart:

Before the COVID vaccines rolled out, this location reported in 2020:

  • COVID cases: 50
  • COVID deaths: 34
  • Total deaths: 60

So that’s way different from Apple Valley. Pre-vax, over half the total deaths were from COVID and 68% of the COVID cases were fatal.

So this makes COVID appear super deadly while Apple Valley made COVID (before the vaccines) look mild.

I know what you are thinking:

How can that be? How can a virus kill 68% of the elderly patients in one facility (Promedica) and zero in another (Apple Valley Village) during the same timeframe in 2020?

Well, nobody’s looking into that because we haven’t had any transparency of the public health data. It’s all buried where people can’t find it.

What do I think? I don’t know because Apple Valley Village won’t talk. And it’s not like Medicare is going to investigate this and explain the discrepancy either. And it’s not like The New York Times or anyone in mainstream media cares about this at all. Their mission is to promote the narrative, not to find truth. And there’s no chance anyone in Congress is curious either. Just me.

So the COVID vaccine to the rescue, right? Surely, you can’t get any worse than a 68% death rate from COVID!!

That’s what I thought…

Well, you’ll never guess what the numbers reported to Medicare in 2021 were for that facility from the start of 2021 until 3/8/21 (essentially for the first 2 months of 2021):

  • 20 COVID cases, but 58 COVID deaths !!!

Whoa baby… just when you thought things were bad before, they just got really bad now.

There were nearly 3X as many people who died from COVID as there were who got COVID!

In other words, the death rate from COVID went from a 68% death rate to …. drumroll please… and quadrupled after the vaccine rollout to a 290% death rate!!!

This is incredible to me.

I’ve never heard of more people dying from a disease than who got the disease.

But it’s right there in the MEDICARE DATA. And it passed the Medicare QA checks as well.

All of these deaths happened within about 2 months after the vaccine rollout. I wonder if any of these deaths might have been from the safe and effective “vaccine”?? What do you think?

Here are the numbers for the COVID infections, COVID deaths, and all-cause deaths at this facility in 2021 so you can see that I’m not cherry picking:

Promedica data from the official CMS data. Columns in this screenshot are: Submitted Data, Passed Quality Assurance Check, Residents Weekly Confirmed COVID-19, Residents Total Confirmed COVID-19, Residents Weekly All Deaths, Residents Total All Deaths, Residents Weekly COVID-19 Deaths, Residents Total COVID-19 Deaths, Number of All Beds, Total Number of Occupied Beds.

The all-cause deaths dropped back to near zero Next pay attention to the weekly all-cause deaths. Let me magnify that for you so you can clearly see that right after they rolled out the safe and effective vaccine, deaths per week skyrocketed to unprecedented levels, then rapidly disappeared.

The stunning thing that is undeniable is that over a 2 month period (from the start of the year to the week ending 3/7/21), 153 residents died in a facility that had an average occupancy of less than 100 beds over that 2 month period. That’s a stunning death rate. The only thing that was “unusual” was the introduction of the vaccine.

If the vaccine worked as promised, none of the 20 COVID cases would have died from COVID because the vaccine prevented that. So all 153 deaths in 2 months (basically a stunning 153% death rate) would have to be primarily due to the vaccine.

If the vaccine didn’t work at all, then a max of 20 COVID deaths could happen (from the 20 COVID cases), and count 10 deaths for the underlying weekly death rate, and that leaves only 123 excess deaths over 2 months on a base of 100 residents which is an astonishing 123% death rate from the vaccine itself.

A magnified view of the key columns in the spreadsheet above.

Could any of these deaths be from COVID?


There was no COVID at all in this case. Yet a huge number of deaths happened in the two months after the vaccine rollout. Then the deaths plummeted back to zero.

More people died (138 for the year) then there were residents of the facility (53).

So over a 100% death rate right after the vaccines rolled out, without any COVID deaths or diagnoses.

Here’s a third case of COVID death rates skyrocketing after the COVID vaccines rolled out

These cases are easy to find.

Here’s another one that simply can’t happen if the vaccines worked to reduce the death rate from COVID, Medicare provider 455815, ASBURY CARE CENTER OF HOUSTON.

In 2020, they had 36 COVID cases and 6 deaths from COVID.

By the wee ending May 16, 2021, they had 1 additional COVID case, but now had 35 COVID deaths. So pretty much everyone with COVID died. The death rate post-vaccine was much higher than pre-vaccine.

All of these cases are verifiable in the database.

The Medicare Nursing Home database

That Medicare database is a target rich environment for truth seekers because it is week-by-week record level data where it is hard to hide inconsistencies as you can see from our analysis.

For that reason, I expect that Medicare will take it down soon so nobody else will analyze it and make them look bad.

Download it while you still can and you can verify everything I wrote in this article (except for the vaccine death rates which I got from an Apple Valley employee):

Medicare Nursing Home data download link (official mortality data for all nursing homes in US)

No transparency of record-level health care data

Now you can see why all my calls for data transparency of public health RECORD-LEVEL data have fallen on deaf ears.

I have yet to find a single lawmaker in any state or the US Congress committed to sponsoring a bill that will allow the public to know the truth about the vaccines.

For more information on Apple Valley Village

  1. Apple Valley Campus (website)
  2. Management team
  3. US News analysis (ratings)
  4. Crucial report (ratings)

No response from the Apple Valley Village

I reached out to multiple executives at the company which owns the facility (Cassia) and none of them would get back to me to comment on my allegations. I can tell you this: it wasn’t for lack of trying on my part. I even called former employees and all of them promptly returned my calls! Hmmmm…..

Response from Promedica; Washington Township

I was able to directly speak to someone there. He promised to get back to me. I will update this article when I hear back from him. He mentioned that the facility was acquired by new owners in February 2023.

This is actually a stroke of luck because the new owners shouldn’t be afraid to talk; they have plausible deniability for what happened!

Important caveats

Not all nursing homes report statistics like these.

But these black swans are absolutely real (the employee at Apple Valley Village wasn’t called back to work on a holiday for no reason), they cannot be dismissed, and there are likely hundreds, if not thousands of more nursing homes with troubling statistics post vaccine rollout

If other nursing homes are not experiencing similar statistics, it most likely means that there is a QA problem with the vaccines; some batches are significantly worse than others.

How this could escape the eagle eyes of our ever vigilant CDC and their non-existing QA process for the vaccines, I haven’t a clue.


This new data adds to the pile of evidence we already have showing the COVID vaccines were a massive error. The sooner our government admits to this, the better. Based upon past history, this could take decades.

In this particular instance, we have clear evidence that:

  1. The COVID vaccines are not safe; they can kill 30% or more of the elderly recipients they are specifically intended to protect.
  2. The COVID vaccines can increase your risk of dying from COVID by 10X or more. It’s right there in the official government Medicare records if anyone bothered to take a look. It’s publicly accessible.
  3. Massive numbers of old people are dying from the vaccine. Even if all the deaths were isolated to just these two facilities, they should stop the vaccine. But these are not the only facilities with vaccine deaths. But nobody cares because if they did, even a small number of deaths should have halted the program.

Three other things to keep in mind:

  1. The immediate deaths are just the tip of the iceberg. The COVID vaccines can kill people 2.5 years after a person is vaccinated. I know someone who just died from the vaccine who was vaccinated over 2 years ago. It may be longer than that… we just don’t have the data, but the VAERS data shows that the death reports are still going strong years after the rollout. A
  2. This Medicare data doesn’t cover disability. Also, the COVID vaccines have very seriously injured at least 1% of the people who got the shots and added millions of people to the disability rolls in the US and UK. We don’t easily notice 1% changes like this, but they are real as the article points out.
  3. Key government data that people trust for proof of safety and efficacy is unreliable. The reason I like anecdotes is because I can verify they really happened. The reason I dislike official government data is because you cannot validate it unless they include the record level data which they rarely do. And when they do include it, it’s obvious how flawed the aggregate data is. This is why no government should rely solely on large studies. And this is why the medical community hates anecdotes: because they reveal their studies are false.

At a bare minimum, these vaccines need to be withdrawn from the market until the government admits that there was a problem and has clearly identified the causes and fixed them all.

When a few children die from drinking unsafe baby formula, we stop the plant.

When massive numbers of old people die from an unsafe vaccine, we encourage them to get more.

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