Are You Able to Claim Compensation for Your Vaxxine-Related Injuries?

By Marsdens Law Group

Canadian, Ross Wightman wins $90,000.00 per year, plus lump sum compensation for adverse health effects caused by AstraZeneca Vaccine.

Forty-year-old Canadian, Ross Wightman, was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, which left him partially paralysed after a first dose of the Oxford AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.

Mr Wightman’s symptoms started with severe back pain 10 days after his shot, and he then began to experience facial tingling. Mr Wightman eventually became paralysed from the waist down.

It was determined by the Canadian Vaccine Injury Support Program that there was a probable casual association between the injuries sustained by Mr Wightman, and the vaccination. Accordingly, Mr Wightman received a lump sum, and income replacement compensation of approximately $90,000.00 per year. Mr Wightman did not reveal the amount he received as a lump sum, but the Canadian maximum amount for such an award of damages is $426,000.00.

However, the Australian equivalent to this scheme has a cap of approximately $693,500.00 for pain and suffering.

As at 19 June 2022, there existed 132,155 reports of an adverse ‘event’ following receipt of a COVID-19 Vaccine in Australia.

What can you claim?

The COVID-19 Vaccine Claims Scheme was implemented to address adverse events, and provides compensation for:

  1. Future and Past Loss of Earnings.
  2. Future and Past Medical Expenses.
  3. Future and Past Care Expenses.
  4. Loss of Capacity to provide Domestic Assistance.
  5. Pain and Suffering.

Vaccine-related Deaths

In instances of vaccine related deaths, a single lump sum payment will be available in the amount of $644,640.00.

If the deceased had children under 21 years of age, an extra lump sum payment would be payable between $13,831.00 and $61,288.00 – depending on their age and study status.

In addition to this, $15,000.00 worth of funeral expenses are claimable.


In order to be eligible, claimants must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. They must suffer a clinical condition or administration related injury.
  2. They have received hospital treatment.
  3. They have incurred at least $1,000.00 in net losses, which may include:
    1. Out of Pocket Costs.
    2. Loss of Earnings.
    3. Carer Costs (both past and future).

The clinical condition must be at least one of the following: anaphylactic reaction; thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome; myocarditis; pericarditis; capillary leak syndrome; demyelinating disorders; thrombocytopenia; or administration related injuries.

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