Bodybuilder and Fitness Author Doug Brignole has Passed Away at 63 Years Old

By Steve Kirsch

Bodybuilder Doug Brignole was a believer in the COVID vaccine. He offered his life as a test case: “If I die, you were right.”

Sadly, we were right. Doug died a week after he was vaccinated. I ordered Doug’s death report from the LA coroner. He died face down in his house.

His house cleaner found him the day after. They ran a COVID test on him and it was positive so they labeled it a COVID death. Doug got vaccinated with his girlfriend a week before he died (she refuses to talk about it publicly). As is commonly the case, he got COVID after the jab.

But COVID doesn’t kill people like that. So Doug died from the jab. He gave his life to send a message to stop the jab. It’s too bad that his family didn’t do a proper autopsy to show the world the histopathology studies that would have made this obvious to everyone.

Doug developed a set of exercises, known as the “Brig 20”, which he believes optimally trains all the major muscle groups while avoiding compound lifts. You can buy his book on Amazon. It’s one of the most impressive books I’ve ever read. 415 pages.


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