Caitlin, Age 23, Healthy and Vibrant With No Medical Issues, Got Very Sick and Died 3 Weeks After Her Second Jab

By The World Has Gone Mad

Meet Caitlin. she WAS was 23. Healthy, happy, vibrant and had no medical issues at all.

Took her second jab, was VERY sick for 3 weeks.

In and out of the hospital…. She was treated for Asthma, she had not had asthma since she was a very little girl. They gave her ventolin, preventatives, steroids and it didnt help, but she was using it ALL THE TIME.

She went to work unwell…… went to her car and was then found dead.

Coroner wont give an autopsy report for 6 MONTHS and has advised the family many times that they will most likely be given an “unknown cause of death” report at the end of the 6 months. No reports at all given to the family yet, they have only been told that her heart was enlarged and her lungs had NO ASTHMA at all.

I’m MAD!!!!! Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia should be ashamed of themselves!!!! This poor grieving family!!!!

This IS NOT OK!!!

The world has gone mad!!!!!!