Caitlin Didn‘t Want to be Injected, But She Loved her Horses and Didn‘t Want to be Away From Them – So She Took the Pfizer Shots That Killed Her

We must never stop, until all the criminals in power, who pushed these deadly and unnecessary and untested drugs upon innocents, are in jail.

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This still breaks me.

Caitlin’s mum told me that Caitlin only got injected because of her employer‘s vaccine mandates threatening to sack anyone that wasn’t injected twice.

She said Caitlin didn‘t want to be injected, but she loved her horses and didn‘t want to be away from them – so she took the Pfizer shots that killed her.

Vaccine mandates were always a violation of Human Rights, and irrespective by mid 2021 the data was clear – the vaccines were neither safe nor effective, and didn’t they stop transmission.

Vaccine mandates weren’t only unlawful, they were immoral, unethical and had no scientific justification, especially for a healthy 23 year-old girl.

Yet our politicians in Canberra, every Liberal, Labor & Greens MP voted against a bill which would have prohibited Vaccine mandates throughout Australia.

Everyone of them has blood on their hands and shares responsibility for Caitlin’s death.

As does the TGA, our Health bureaucrats, the corrupt Fairwork Australia, Big Tech which censored those trying to sound the alarm, the propagandised vaccine fanatics, the ABC, and rest of the mainstream media.

They all have blood on their hands.

I don’t think I can ever forgive them.

No wonder Albanese refused to hold a Royal Commission.

But we won‘t let Caitlin’s death be in vain – we will never stop working to ensure those responsible are held to account, and the broken system of drug approvals is reformed so this can never happen again.