Can Anyone Explain the Alarming Rise in Disability in Both the US and UK?


I just talked to Ed Dowd. The only thing that can explain this is the COVID vaccine. It’s 100% consistent. But if it isn’t the vaccine, how come NOBODY has an better explanation?

Executive summary

I just got off the phone with Ed Dowd. We both agree that the highly alarming rise in disability data in the UK and US is 100% consistent with the COVID vaccine being the cause.

If we are wrong and there is a better explanation, why are all the health authorities silent?

US data

The FRED disability data is based on surveys. They do the survey the same way every time. There were no methodology differences. Look at the graphs right after the vaccines were rolled out for the civilian labor force:

The UK disability numbers

Unlike the US FRED numbers, the UK numbers are directly measured because these are numbers of disability insurance claims.

Overall, the claims rate now has a Z-score >5 which means it is highly unlikely to be caused by normal statistical fluctuations.

As you can see, the claims tracked the rollout of the COVID vaccine.

Blood issues in the UK spiked right after the COVID vaccines rolled out

Blood issues have spiked; it starts right after the COVID vaccine rollout. Z-score is over 25 meaning that this is caused by something; it didn’t happen at random.

We know from the US insurance data that the #1 cause of these disabilities is “unknown” because we all know that vaccines are safe and effective, don’t we 😉 ?


It looks to us like huge rates of disability in the US and the UK are being caused by the COVID vaccines.

If you have a better explanation, I’m all ears.

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