Canadian Woman Suddenly Dies Minutes After Receiving COVID Booster Shot

By Gregory Hoyt

“We’re not commenting on that. That’s what my manager told us.”

SASKATCHEWAN, CANADA – According to a report featured in The Gateway Pundit, a woman in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan suddenly died minutes after receiving her COVID booster shot earlier in September while the woman was still inside of the pharmacy where she obtained the shot.

On September 14th, Carol Pearce reportedly ventured over to the Shoppers Drug Mart in Saskatoon in order to obtain a COVID booster shot. Stephanie Foster, Pearce’s daughter, says she’d gotten a text from her mother, “right after she got the shot to let me know she was waiting the 15 [minutes] and I text her back.”

However, shortly after Foster texted back, her mother, Pearce, reportedly passed away. Foster claims doctors later informed her that her mother had “dropped dead before she hit the floor” while still waiting out the 15 minutes inside of the pharmacy.

In a GoFundMe account created by Foster to assist with the funeral expenses, she asserted, “My beautiful Mother’s life was taken yesterday by the COVID BOOSTER SHOT,” emphasizing that her mother had zero medical issues and was perfectly fine right before going to receive the latest shot.

“She was happy and perfectly healthy! Spent yesterday morning visiting me at my house up until her appointment time. She left for her appointment happy and energetic! She had no medical issues at all!”

The grieving daughter additionally stressed, “This NEVER should have happened had they known what they were shooting into us!!! My beautiful Mom would still be here!”

A local woman in Saskatoon decided to personally go to the Shoppers Drug Mart, where Pearce passed away two days after the incident, filming her encounter with the person at the pharmacy counter and initially asking about the COVID booster shots available.

The woman filming at first asked the person at the pharmacy counter, “Yeah, do you guys do COVID shots here…I have a question regarding its safety of it. Have you had any issues recently with anybody?”

In response, the pharmacy counter employees seemed a bit hesitant but then stated, “Um, yeah, I mean like there is a possibility for side effects…um, sore arm, fever, that kind of thing.”

The local woman decided to get a bit more explicit, pointedly asking the woman behind the counter, “Okay – I heard that somebody died here two days ago right after their,” but was quickly cut off by the pharmacy worker, who shot back with, “Oh, we’re not commenting on that.”

Taken aback, the woman responded, “Why? If I wanted to get a shot, shouldn’t I know these things first?” However, the pharmacy worker revealed that she and others have been told to keep quiet on Pearce’s death inside of the establishment, saying, “We’re not commenting on that. That’s what my manager told us.”


To make matters all the more questionable, reported that spokesperson Dale Hunter from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health is claiming that Pearce “died from natural causes.”

Whatever those purported “natural causes” causing Pearce’s death wasn’t expanded upon by health officials.

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