CDC Nursing Home Data: The Vaccine Increased the Risk of the Elderly Dying From COVID


This “gold standard” data proves the “misinformation spreaders” were right. The COVID vaccine did the opposite of what the CDC promised you: it actually made things worse, not better.

Executive summary

I’m on vacation in September with my wife so my Internet access has been limited.

I wanted to call your attention to the work I have been doing since August 24, 2023 after I realized that the US Nursing Home data has everything we need to figure out whether the vaccines reduced the risk of death for the elderly or increased it.

It increased it. They lied.

Check out the tweet and the subtweet below.

Here’s the graph that tells the story.

The red arrow is when the vaccines started. The orange dead:alive odds post infection should have dropped like a rock. It went the wrong way. Similarly, it should have dropped like a rock after the booster in August 2021. It went the wrong way. THE VACCINE MADE THE ELDERLY MORE LIKELY TO DIE FROM COVID.

Cases are shown for reference to prove the dead:alive odds ratio (OR) is stable whether cases are rising or falling, but the meat is in the odds-ratio line. The OR is supposed to drop below the trendline after the vaccine rolls out. It went the wrong way when the primary series was rolled out and did the same thing when the boosters rolled out in August 2021.

In short, there is now no doubt: COVID vaccine made things worse for the elderly.

And the vaccine makes things worse for kids too as we now know.

And everyone in between.

I thought you’d want to know.

If the vaccine worked, the odds of dying would drop below the trendline. It doesn’t. The primary series and boosters both caused the odds of dying to increase from the trendline. See my github repo for the code that produced this data.

This tweet goes into more detail:

Debunking the attempts to debunk this analysis will have to come later as I’m time constrained, but I’ve listened to all of the objections from Professor Jeffrey Morris and I found all of them uncompelling and not a single one had any evidentiary support where he actually showed me using data that he was right. They were all hand-waving arguments.

I showed my analysis and my numbers. Publicly. It’s all there in my Github repo.

He needs to do the same. He still hasn’t.

And he cannot possibly explain what happened at Apple Valley Village which PERFECTLY fits my hypothesis and doesn’t fit his at all (see my tweet for details). The IFR was zero prior to the vaccines. Less than 30 days post-shot, the IFR jumped to nearly 30%!

He has a serious problem explaining how that nursing home fits his hypothesis. That’s why he avoids talking about it. He can’t say it’s an anecdote. It happened. How can he explain it?


The COVID vaccines did the opposite of what was promised.

I hope others will build on the analysis I did here.

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