CNN Anchor Asks Dr Buttar “I’m Vaccinated. You Think There is a Ticking Time Bomb in Me, and I’m Going to Die?”

By Zach Vorhies / Google Whistleblower

CNN anchor asks Dr Buttar “I’m vaccinated. You think there is a ticking time bomb in me, and I’m going to die?” 14 months later, the CNN anchor dies. You can’t make this up! Courtesy of @IvoryHecker.

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Crisp Kratom
CNN should be held liable for the slander and defamation of all the ppl they claimed were spreading “disinformation”.

Joe Munding
It wasn’t because of the vaccine.

So… everyone who got vaccinated against covid and subsequently died from whatever cause and no matter how long after, died due to the vaccination? Great science there!

Marjorie Danley
Omg. I wonder how much longer I’ve got to live? I caved after the dire warnings to people if they didn’t take the 3!!! Jabs, and I played right in their hands and took all 3 because I was afraid of the aforementioned warnings.

This Person
I’m always thrown off by the “you can’t make this up” line. Humans have made up plenty of wild stories, far more mysterious and jaw-dropping than this. You can, in fact, “make this up”.
Why not just say, “I’m not making this up”? It’s a little less eye-catching, but more true.

Two people I knew died of cancer this year. Both vaxd & boosted. Too many ‘coincidences’ at this point.

We tried to tell them.
I could not have lived with myself if I didn’t at least try to make my family and friends aware. The kindest response that I got was “let’s agree to disagree”.

Nate Weymouth
Does anyone know what type of cancer and how long was the diagnosis before his death?

There is always some bitterness when say I told you so to a freshly dug grave. There is an even deeper anger when pointing out the grave to those who still do not listen.

Acido Blambacido
Journalists are the main responsible for the 💉genocide, they are only getting what they sowed.

Dean American
The vaccine is loaded with carcinogens based on the new Japanese study and as many other studies have shown, along with the litany of side effects we’ve seen major increases in unexplained cancer.

I got the vaccine . It was a mistake i regret. I know I’m gonna die sooner than I would have naturally.Never had any medical issues before I got the shot. Now I have asthma, heart palpitations, and 2 dark nodules in my left lung. All I can do is make as many memories as possible.

Very scary, I have been working on this case both of those men passed….What if they were both poisoned? I think they are using “HYdrogel” discovered at MIT and the gel enters the cell where it use to be air, and it changes form and clogs everything


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