Cody’s Fight is Our Fight


In the absence of government support, it is up to all of us to support the Vaccine Injured Community.

In brief: Stand with Cody in his fight against the life-altering effects of his COVID-19 vaccine injury by donating to his GiveSendGo which pays for his massive medical bills.

Cody is a stark example of the aftermath of the COVID-19 vaccine. His severe vaccine injuries, marred by denial, misdiagnosis, and censorship, reflect the grim reality faced by so many Americans. On October 26, Cody returned again to the hospital and stayed for two weeks, only being discharged a few days ago. He was hospitalized due to a severe blood clotting disorder triggered by the jab. His story isn’t just an individual’s struggle; it is a documented case study illuminating the complexities and repercussions of Covid-19 vaccine-related injuries.

Cody’s struggle began in 2021 after his mRNA COVID-19 vaccination. The “safe and effective” jab quickly descended into a nightmare of pulmonary embolism, heart valve issues, and a bleeding disorder, drastically altering the trajectory of his life. Once a healthy young man, Cody now finds himself fighting for every breath.

Cody, with his dad. For the first eight months after hospitalization, Cody needed a cane and needed to hold onto someone to walk at any distance

Since then, it has been a relentless uphill battle. Misdiagnoses, dismissive medical facilities, and societal taboos surrounding vaccine injuries have compounded Cody’s challenges. Antiphospholipid syndrome, neuropathy, and ongoing blood clotting issues are now his daily reality.

From Heather Hudson, Cody’s mom about the doctors now taking care of him and advocating for him.

“Dr. Eduardo Balbona is a stand out in a sea of gaslighting. He should be credited with diagnosing him and getting him on treatment for the underlying blood clotting disorder that the hospital would not look for or test for. He has spoken out for him and published his case study and more. Dr. Lawrie and Dr. Melissa McCann and other independent physicians have spoken out for him. The hospital systems are just not willing to listen when it comes to vaccine injuries.”

Cody is not just grappling with a health crisis; he faces insurmountable medical bills. Without a compensation program for vaccine injuries, the burden is overwhelming. Your donation, no matter the amount—even $5- can support his ongoing treatments, therapies, and pave the way for a future free from crippling medical debts.

Cody’s resilience is remarkable. Determined to reclaim his life and education despite the obstacles, his journey is chronicled in “A Mother’s Anthem” substack. Stand with Cody by contributing to his fight for a life free from crushing medical bills.

August 2023, Florida Event For The Vaccine Injured, Green Cove Springs, FL. Co-hosted by Dr. Kimberly Biss and Cody’s mom. Left to right.. Lyndsey house, Dr. Biss, Taylor and Allen Martin, Cody, and Dr. James Thorp


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