Compensation Programs for Vaxxine Injuries in the U.S. Are Overflowing With Applications

By Diamond and Silk

Compensation programs for vaccine injuries in the U.S. are overflowing with applications.

“Several federal compensation programs for people injured by vaccines and pandemics are now facing so many claims that thousands of people may not get paid for their injuries anytime soon.

Between 2010 and 2020, the Antimicrobial Injury Compensation Program received 500 claims. In the two years since Covid-19 began, it has received more than 8,000 complaints.

More than 5,000 of those are directly related to the Covid-19 vaccine, with injuries ranging from a sore shoulder to death, according to the Health Resources and Services Administration.

Yet the pandemic fund has paid out zero money, in part because officials are waiting for people to submit detailed medical records and documentation to back up their claims.”