Most Don’t Know that Hospitals Including, in Australia, Took Large Financial Incentives to Fraudulently List Patients as COVID Deaths, to Inflate COVID Deaths

Twitter Post By Jamie McIntyre

Most don’t know that hospitals including, in Australia, took large financial incentives to fraudulently list patients as COVID deaths, to inflate COVID deaths.
And worse, they also took large payments, to give patients deadly drugs like Remdesvir, known to kill a healthy person in 5–10 days, to murder innocents, and then claim the big bonuses on offer, by saying they died of COVID.

All Australian Hospitals should be warned, we have just approved funding for our journalists to investigate, and expose these hospital administrators, and their fraud, and we will not stop until they are jailed for conspiracy to commit murder and fraud.

Independent Media is going to bring down anyone who supports crimes against humanity. Support us in exposing the criminal puppets in Australia

Australian National Review

Not scared of Globalists or their criminal puppets.

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