Covid Vaccine Deaths.

By stephaniek_1776 (USA)


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My cousin took the vaccine a couple of months ago he recently died of a heartache he was completely healthy guy never had heart problems I wonder if it was the vaccine that gave him the heart attack.


Mysterious deaths 🤦‍♀️ – pay me $50 and I’ll solve every one of those cases for them. I’m surprised local news is even reporting it. They’re all so mystified- 🤦‍♀️ ffs


Amazes me this young mans died from it and he is still saying to take the vaccine… that is just insane to me!!


Take the jab when your dad just died??? What are you serious right now ??? Jesus people wake the hell up. They are doing this intentionally and to make it so your sons and daughters can’t reproduce children. Good god I feel bad for people that are just willing to do this.


It still amazes me that people don’t get that the V a X manufacturers were given blanket immunity from prosecution from any damage or death resulting from any jab, and this one was rushed out with no long term studies of consequences. I’ve been told I’m wrong. You can sue & get a settlement. No, you can’t. The settlement is money taken from WE THE TAX PAYERS , mot big pharma. But people are still eagerly rolling up their sleeves. And that bloke at the end whose dad died is either a crisis actor or someone who was paid damn well to say take the jab. REALLY? Your did just died from it & you’re pleading with people to please take the jab. Yeah, I’ll get right on that 😡


I’m having less and less people around me that is clean. Most already took the magic juice. If I show this to my friends that drank the juice, what do you all think they are going to say?


I’m shocked news stations are reporting this.


I’m curious if there are any differences between those who have already had the covid-19 virus/antibodies in their system and chose to get the vaccine, versus those who were never exposed and chose to get the vaccine. I wonder if having any of the antibodies in your system can cause a more severe immune response? I’m really fascinated for actual research to come out reporting these things, although a part of me fears they will never be studied 😬


You can even show people this and they’re like “oh those are just reactions”… Like, uhhh yeah, go get it then.. I guess? Big dummies 💉 = ⚰


“Take the vaccine” says the coward after it killed his father… At what point do you stand up to this bullshit… Apparently for that guy… never


I think it’s about 10000 deaths now 😢 from 💉