COVID Vaccines Have Likely Caused Over 25,000 New Cases of Multiple Sclerosis (MS)


Since the media is hiding the causality evidence, I wanted to share this with you. Then ask yourself, why is the CDC remaining silent? Why can’t we have a dialog about the data?

Executive summary

A paper abstract that appeared on the WHO website created quite a stir because it showed the biological mechanism for how COVID vaccines can induce multiple sclerosis.

Note: the link takes you to a “fact check” proving the abstract was on the WHO website because the WHO removed it after people noticed it.

What the paper didn’t say is how common this is or whether it is causal. It certainly looks causal, but causality requires more than just biological plausibility.

In this article, I’ll show you:

  1. How you can estimate the number of cases (over 25,000)
  2. How you can prove that all 5 causality criteria are satisfied

This also shows the CDC is corrupt that they are hiding this information. They could have easily done the same research I did and verified all five causality requirements were satisfied. Are you surprised they didn’t do this?

The observations (in VAERS and in the papers cited below) cannot be explained any other way.

If someone has a more plausible explanation for the 28X increase in reporting rates in VAERS, I’m all ears (for symptoms unrelated to the vaccine, reporting rates in the queries are comparable).

Multiple papers support the hypothesis that COVID vaccines cause MS

Here are five examples:
  1. A rare presentation of undiagnosed multiple sclerosis after the COVID-19 vaccine
  2. First manifestation of multiple sclerosis after immunization with the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine
  3. New diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in the setting of mRNA COVID-19 vaccine exposure
  4. Multiple sclerosis relapse after COVID-19 vaccination: A case report-based systematic review
  5. The new paper itself (which appears to be unfindable now), but see the Dr. Been video. Here’s a link to the webarchive version of the paper.

The Dr. Been video on the paper

Dr. Been did an excellent video on this paper (when it was still on the site) which everyone interested in this subject should watch because it explains the biological plausibility for how this happens.

Even if the paper disappears, you cannot unring the bell. We now know it is plausible.

The VAERS query for MS allow us to show all BH criteria are satisfied

Here there are 28X more cases of MS for the COVID shot compared to the flu shot. That’s a problem. That doesn’t happen by chance; the absolute counts are too big (it’s a 16-sigma rise). See the section on ear infections and you’ll see what the VAERS counts look like for an event that is unrelated to vaccines.

Here’s the query on myocarditis

As you can see, there are 100X more cases of myocarditis for the COVID shot vs. the flu shot which most people get every year (this is why I included from 2015 onwards). Wow. Isn’t that amazing? Some people (like “fact checkers”) thinkVAERS is junk, yet you can see the signal, can’t you?

This query shows for symptoms that are not elevated significantly by the COVID vaccines the counts are comparable to other vaccines.

Here the counts for ear infections are only slightly elevated in the COVID vaccine (15) vs. the flu vaccine (11). While it might be true that flu and COVID are elevating ear infections, that would require more investigation. The important thing here is the # of reports are comparable for flu and COVID for this symptom which we think is not elevated by vaccines.

And here’s another symptom that isn’t elevated: autism.

The Bradford Hill (BH) criteria for determining causality

The Bradford Hill criteria is widely recognized for establishing causality.

If all 5 Bradford Hill criteria are satisfied, you have causality.

From the insights from this new paper, we have biological plausibility. Even though the paper is gone, the Dr. Been video explains the mechanism. You cannot unring the bell by making the paper “go away.”

When we add in the VAERS queries above, we have all 5 causality criteria satisfied.

Don’t take my word for it. I’m just a misinformation superspreader. Verify it yourself by going down the checklist.

Estimating the number of cases

VAERS is under-reported by a factor of 41 for very serious injuries.

Less serious events where someone doesn’t die are reported much less often, e.g., an under-reporting factor of 100 is reasonable.

So 273*100 gives a rough estimate of 27,300 cases.

The reason we don’t have a better system for this (full transparency of anonymized records) is because the drug companies like it this way because if you don’t like the VAERS results you can say the system is “unreliable.” The anti-anti-vaxers rely on this hand-waving argument when it supports their narrative.

Pfizer case counts

To April 2022, Pfizer listed in their report, the following case numbers after their Covid19 jabs.

Multiple Sclerosis 517, Multiple sclerosis relapse 435, Relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis 16, Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis 9, Multiple sclerosis pseudo relapse 7.

MS background rates

The background rate of new MS cases is about 10,000 per year. I suspect that other vaccines may be helping drive this as well.

Fact checking this article

If you want to “fact check” this article, simply show with evidence which Bradford Hill criteria is not satisfied.

Apparently, a lot of people commented on Dr. Been’s video that they now have an explanation for why they got MS after the shot. So it’s not rare at all.


COVID vaccines have likely caused over 25,000 cases of MS.

The CDC refuses to acknowledge the linkage even after the mechanism was shown.

Nor will they engage in any dialog about this or any other of the 770 safety signals in VAERS, including death.

That’s the way science works today.

But now you know the truth.

If you got MS after getting a COVID vaccine, it’s more likely than not caused by the vaccine, especially if it develops within 30 days after getting the shot.


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