Daniel Andrews Calls for All Healthcare Workers To Get a Fourth C0V-19 Shot As He Says Immunity Levels Are ‘Waning’ Leaving Frontline Hospital Staff Exposed

By Kylie Stevens

Daniel Andrews will campaign for a second booster shot for all healthcare workers, and raise the issue with Anthony Albanese’s government.

The Victorian Premier will discuss the proposal of a fourth jab with the federal government after concerns were flagged by health workers who have spent the last two years on the frontline of the ongoing pandemic.

Mr Andrews says health workers want a fourth jab to become ‘real priority’ in a desperate effort to keep the virus out of hospitals.

The national peak vaccine advisory group doesn’t recommend booster doses for Australians aged 16-64 not at risk of severe disease or from Covid-19 at this stage.

Covid-19 continues to run rampant across Victoria with 5,076 new infections on Monday to take the state’s tally of active cases to 41,924.

‘Many of the Covid cases that were coming into the hospital were coming in via staff,’ Mr Andrews said.

‘They were the very first to be part of the Commonwealth vaccination program.

‘Some of their immunity is waning, so getting them fourth jabs as fast as possible is very important to help keep Covid out of the hospital.

‘That’ll be something that I’ll be raising with the Commonwealth as soon as I get a chance.’

Mr Andrews’ proposal to the federal government make one available for all healthcare workers.

An additional booster is only recommended for Australians aged over people than 65, for aged or disability care residents, are severely immunocompromised people and Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders aged 50 and older.

A further 1.5million Aussies became eligible to get a fourth dose as a winter precaution on May 30.

The jab is given four months after their first booster dose.

Frontline public health staff will get $3,000 bonuses as an incentive to stay in the Victorian hospital system for what will be a busy winter flu season.

The bonus is part of the government’s $353 million package to aid frontline workers.

Staff in clinical and non-clinical roles will be provided the payment, including those working in cleaning, food services and laundry services.

The free meals will begin in July, lasting until the end of the year, and will be offered to those who work night shifts.