Daniel Thayne Simpson: 90-Years-Old Michigan Man Dead Hours After Moderna mRNA Shot

By The COVID Blog

Daniel Thayne Simpson

CHESTERFIELD TOWNSHIP, MICHIGAN — A Reuters fact check article said it “debunked” claims that old age was killing people in 2020; and that COVID-19 was the definitive culprit. Politifact, another mainstream media outlet, published a “fact check’ two week later. It said Hank Aaron and other elderly people dying within days or weeks of mRNA shots died of “natural causes.” Now we segue to Mr. Daniel Thayne Simpson.

The 90-year-old Korean War veteran told his son, Dan. Jr., that he got the Moderna mRNA shot on February 3. Mr. Simpson was proud to display a sticker congratulating him for getting the shot, according to the Detroit Free Press. William Simpson, Daniel’s other son, was expecting a phone call from his father that night. It never came.

Dan Jr. found his father dead in his home the next evening. The mainstream media report immediately blamed old age. Dr. David Gorski, of Wayne State University, was the vaccine defender in the article. “The baseline death rate of 90-year-olds is high because they’re 90 years old,” he said. We will not be linking the article herein due to mass disinformation contained in it.