Did You Know Almost 3000 Australians Died in January From C0VID Vaxxines and Every Month It’s Increasing Rapidly?

Did you know almost 3000 Australians  died in January from Covid Vaccines and every month it’s increasing rapidly? According to recent stats there has been over 2800 increase in average deaths for the month of January 2022, in Australia. A massive increase and a statistical anomaly up until then.

As Covid is ruled out as Covid had been with us for the previous 24 months, the only known change has been the Australian Government had started rolling out the Covid vaccines months prior to this.

Not a peep out of mainstream media (they are paid to cover up vaccine death and injury, so that may explain why)

But the worst is yet to come

Every month that goes on the more vaccine death and injuries and now with many foolish enough to take a booster expect sadly a sharp rise in Covid vaccine deaths. The death rate could exceed 10,000 per month within months. So prepare for the launch of another supposed deadly variant as they scramble to use this to fool the vaccinated that it’s not the vaccines that are doing the killing, but in fact take yet another one, as they are “safe effective and necessary“.

And anyone thinking the vaccine rollout, off an untested, deadly, ineffective and unnecessary experimental drug, disguised as a vaccine, was inadvertent and  unintended consequences, then I have a Global Warming theory to sell you too.

The truth isn’t pretty, and is why I put up a $1million dollar challenge recently that sadly more will die from the Covid vaccines then the Spanish flu, being 50-60 million claimed. (Which wasn’t Spanish nor a flu by the way but  a vaccine experiment by the same organisation behind it, starting with an R, who has been behind this plandemic). We have the leaked documents and historical evidence, so sorry “fuct checkers“.

And the longer time passes, then  the more evidence that the 6 million claimed to have died of Covid, actually is down to 1-6% of that figure only

3% according to the National Health Institute in Italy.
6% even according to the CDC.
My bet is it may even come below a seasonal flu or come  in as a big fat zero – where are those weapons of mass destruction again.
And HIV causes AIDS too, right? – yet another theory that is yet to be proven, yet $30 billion a year profit making industry to sell drugs that do the killing by telling people they have HIV and will die if they don’t take AZT etc.

And Covid is now a $100 billion pa profit making industry, once again telling healthy people they are sick, and have a mystery flu and may die if they don’t take a vaccine.

Such a sham and scam

But hey

It’s on fake mainstream media, so of course it’s true and anything else is a conspiracy theory.
Just ask Shane Warne.
That’s right, he told us they were “safe, effective and necessary“ as he was paid to say. Worked a wonder for him


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