Dimitri Ndina: Post-Pfizer Death of Tennessee Doctor Highlights Shameless Mainstream Media Propaganda Campaigns That Perpetuate Mass Formation Psychosis

By The COVID Blog

Dr. Dimitri Ndina

NASHVILLE — Mr. Shawn Kuhn was a 21-year-old college student we wrote about a couple months ago. He received his second Pfizer mRNA injection sometime in May 2021. Mr. Kuhn was hospitalized with a condition mainstream media called “COVID-19 pneumonia” by late August. He was in-and-out of Georgia hospitals for the next six weeks before being intubated in an intensive care unit. He died on October 11.

Mainstream media headlines read, “Vaccinated student died of COVID-19.” The University of Georgia student newspaper headline read, “UGA student dies of COVID-19 complications.” At the time, “breakthrough COVID-19 case” was the mainstream media propaganda term most often used for these types of deaths. That term is apparently obsolete now. The “COVID pneumonia” thing is out of the same playbook they used to create so-called Omicron.

Mainstream media are now relying solely on what Belgian professor of clinical psychology, Dr. Mattias Desmet, calls mass formation psychosis among the global populace. Mainstream media and government can literally get away with any and all COVID-19 propaganda in 2022 no matter how ridiculous and contrary to reality it may be.

Death of Dr. Dimitri Ndina

ABC-affiliate WKRN in Nashville published a story on Thursday entitled, “COVID-19 takes life of longtime Nashville doctor, family says.” Dr. Dimitri Ndina was a pharmacist at Tennessee Oncology. He received his first dose of Pfizer mRNA sometime in the first week of December, his 19-year-old daughter, Alexa Ndina, told WKRN. Dr. Ndina, 57, fell extremely ill a few days after the shot. He was admitted to Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital Midtown on December 7.

Alexis told WKRN reporter Allie Lynch that her father “started to clot in his lower region…from his legs and started to work up.” She almost verbatim described a thromboembolism, a common adverse/deadly reaction from the mRNA injections. But reporter Lynch failed to follow-up on this information and allowed the fallacious “death by COVID-19” narrative to continue unabated. Alexis is unwilling or psychologically incapable of connecting the very obvious dots between the Pfizer injection and her father’s death.

Dr. Ndina spent the last two weeks of his life in a hospital before passing away on December 20, less than three weeks after the Pfizer injection. Granted everyone grieves differently. But the video version of the story shows an eerily jovial (and masked) Alexis as she describes the death of her father.

Alexis’ final message about her father is perhaps the most obtuse, tone deaf statement we’ve ever written on this blog.

“To continue his legacy I want everyone to stay proactive in being healthy because that’s what he would have wanted.”