Dodgy Newscorp, and Murdoch, Earning Billions From Pushing the BS 19 Fraud, Attack Courageous Australian Protesters With the Most Absurd and Ludicrous Advertisement

By London Times

A powerful message to COVID-19 protesters, from a frontline nurse.

Her name isĀ @nurse.merowyn, from Victoria – and she has a strong message for COVID-19 protesters in Australia.


Here’s what others had to say:

The propaganda is unreal

I call bullshit

Nice propaganda 👏👏

Thank you for sharing ❤️ my daughter is studying to be a nurse. She is so brave and caring. She is being vaccinated as I type this message. We all need to unite 👏

That was a powerful message! Hope everyone watches it. 😢

Well this commercial is completely wrong.. Because many of these protesters are ppl who either lost their job or suspended living on 600 per week.. Which is rent in Sydney.. I m glad that this guy from the commercial still had a job

What kind of propaganda is this? 😂