Dr. Jane Ruby Discusses the Toxic Vaxxine Batches, Deaths in Athletes and Pilots, How the Shot Will Affect Children, and What We Can Do as a Society To Overcome Medical Tyranny

By Dr Daniel Niemiec


Dr Jane Ruby discusses the toxic vaccine batches, deaths in athletes and pilots, her sworn affidavit listing evidence supporting the illegal emergency use authorisation, inadequate clinical trials, how the shot will affect children, and what we can do as a society to overcome medical tyranny.

Here’s what others had to say:

Thank you… we really are indebted to you and people such as yourselves. We do as we can on our local level with the your expertise in our back pockets. Again.. thank you!

Great interview, two points, one, most viruses don’t cause diseases, the cures for the imaginary virus related illness causes diseases. And two, the agenda is depopulation and enslave those who might survive. We mustn’t let that happen….ever

great work team!