Excess Deaths in the UK are Being Caused by Circulatory Issues


A study cited in the UK press found that the excess deaths are primarily due to circulatory issues, not COVID. Thanks to the work of John Beaudoin, we know the COVID vaccine caused circulatory deaths.

Executive summary

UK researchers have discovered that the enormous rise in excess deaths in the UK is being caused by circulatory issues.

We also know from other research that the COVID vaccines greatly increase your risk of dying from circulatory issues.

All you have to do is put 2 and 2 together if you want to know what is causing the vast majority of the excess deaths.

However, the health officials simply do not want to know. As the UK researchers wrote, “In January, Esther McVey asked for an urgent investigation into excess deaths – none has been forthcoming.”

The same is true in the US. They don’t want to investigate. Autopsies done with the proper stains would be dispositive, but the CDC doesn’t want to do this. They are afraid of what they might find.

The UK research

Here’s the post:

Here’s the express.co.uk article referenced in that post.

Here’s the research from UK Professor Carl Heneghan behind the article.

The short story is this quote from Heneghan: “These figures are a real cause for concern. These deaths cannot be explained by covid, population growth nor an aging population.”

What could cause a sudden preferential increase in a wide variety of cardiac events?

The key here is the word “preferential.” We are looking for a cause that skews preferentially to causing circulatory deaths.

I only know one thing that could cause a sudden massive rise in these deaths.

I want you to listen at least to the first 30 seconds of John Beaudoin’s testimony to the New Hampshire Senate Health and Human Services Committee.

He basically said that as soon as the vaccines rolled out, the cause of death on the death certificates changed: “blood and circulatory deaths all of a sudden started going up. They didn’t go up when COVID was around in 2020. They all of a sudden started going up in 2021.”

Feel free to watch the whole thing of course.

The recording was made before the UK article came out. It’s a perfect fit for what they observed in the UK.

You can view John’s entire 14-minute speech here.


Did the UK researchers agree?

Believe it or not, the COVID vaccine isn’t even explicitly listed as a possible cause of these deaths by the UK researchers!

They list 8 causes and the COVID vaccine isn’t mentioned.

Yet it’s the only hypothesis which preferentially causes the type of deaths they are seeing in the UK and US.


UK researchers found that the huge rise in excess deaths were due to blood and circulatory issues.

Analysis of 1M death certificates showed that as soon as the COVID vaccines rolled out, people’s cause of death started shifting to blood and circulatory causes.

Do you think there might be a connection?

Original source: https://kirschsubstack.com/p/excess-deaths-in-the-uk-are-being