FDA Announces Recall of Disney-Branded Hand Sanitizer Due to ‘Cancer-Causing Chemical’ Benzene

By Mansur Shaheen

– Disney-branded bottles on hand sanitizer may contain the cancer causing chemical benzene
– Best Brands Consumer Products, which licensed Disney’s branding for its hand sanitizer, issued a voluntary recall for the bottes at the start of the month
– The recall applies to Star Wars and Mickey Mouse branded bottles, the latter of which are contaminated with methanol
– The sale of these products already ended in 2021, though officials warn parents to return any bottles they may still have

Disney branded hand sanitizer products, aimed at children, have been recalled for potentially containing cancer-causing chemicals.

The products, which branded using the iconic Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Star Wars’ Baby Yoda, were found to contain benzene, which officials classify as a carcinogen, and methanol.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced the recall earlier this week, which was voluntarily by Best Brands Consumer Products – which Disney licensed the branding to.

The products are no longer on shelves, but parents are warned to return any bottles they may have at home to a store to receive a refund.

Baby Yoda branded 'The Mandalorian Hand Sanitizer' products (pictured) were found to be contaminated with the carcinogen bezene

Baby Yoda branded ‘The Mandalorian Hand Sanitizer’ products (pictured) were found to be contaminated with the carcinogen bezene.

In a release the FDA explains that the recall applies to a The Mandalorian Hand Sanitizer a Mickey Mouse Hand Sanitizer products.

The Mickey Mouse sanitizer was found to have been contaminated with benzene.

Benzene is a highly flammable liquid that is fairly common in the U.S., and has caused the recall of other products like makeup for contamination.

It is used in the manufacturing pesticides, laundry detergent and other goods, though it is heavily regulated.

Consistent exposure to high levels of benzene over time can increase a person’s risk of developing leukemia, along with other types of cancer.

Exposure can also cause some issues in the nervous system. Physical contact can also damage the skin and eyes of a person.

The Mandalorian sanitizer recall, which comes in a box branded with the likeness of Baby Yoda, a character made popular from the Star Wars series, applies to both blue and green versions of the sanitizer.

Methanol was found to be contaminating the products.

There is no cancer causing properties to methanol, but exposure to the chemical may cause a person to go blind or suffer other severe damage to their vision.

Mickey Mouse branded hand sanitizer was found to contain methanol, which can cause major damage to the nervous system after exposure

Mickey Mouse branded hand sanitizer was found to contain methanol, which can cause major damage to the nervous system after exposure.

The chemical damages other parts of the nervous system as well, and cause causes headaches, nausea, and vomiting.

Both products were launched in 2020, and are no longer on shelves anyways since the sale period ended last year.

Many families may still have bottles in their homes, though, and could still be using these harmful hand sanitizers.

So far, no adverse reactions have been reported to the FDA related to these hand sanitizers.

With carcinogens, though, it may take years for their effect to truly display in a person.

Best Brands reports that it received the product from a third-party shipper, before packaging it for sale.