From the Numbers, It Is Clear To Me That This Vaxx Is Attacking the Brain and Nervous System, the Cardiac System, Metabolic System, and the Female Reproductive Systems

By TGA Childhood Vaccine Injuries

So far I have reported on a full 6 months (January 1 – June 30) worth of Covid vaccine adverse event reports from foetus to 17 years of age.

Here is a look at approximate numbers for what I consider to be the most serious adverse reports.

I have broken the report into body systems as best as I could.

From the numbers, it is clear to me that this vaccine is attacking the brain and nervous system, the cardiac system, the metabolic system and the female reproductive systems.

Total reports
2300 (approximately)

5 x Death (confirmed)

Cardiac, blood and clotting disorders
85 x Heart palpitations
67 x Pericarditis
50 x Myocarditis
6 x Heart attack
6 x Cardiac disorder
5 x Carditis
5 x Thrombocytopenia
5 x Increased blood sediment rate
5 x Ventricular disorders
4 x Myopericarditis
4 x Cardiac murmur
3 x Foetal cardiac disorder
2 x Stroke
1 x Coronary artery aneurism
1 x Pulmonary embolism

Brain and nervous system disorders
90 x Loss of consciousness
60 x Seizure & tonic-clonic convulsions
28 x Paraesthesia
20 x Hypersensitivity
20 x Tremor
11 x Anaphylaxis
7 x Bell’s Palsy
7 x Epilepsy
6 x Dyskinesia
6 x Insomnia
5 x Hallucinations
5 x Multi-system inflammatory syndrome
4 x Facial paralysis and swelling
3 x Attention disturbance
3 x Encephalopathy
3 x Conversion disorder
2 x Transverse myelitis
2 x Myositis
2 x Deep vein thrombosis
1 x Loss of personal independence
1 x Papilloedema
1 x Brain haemorrhage
1 x Dysarthria
1 x Coma

Diabetic disorders
4 x Type 1 diabetes
3 x Diabetic ketoacidosis
2 x type 2 diabetes
2 x diabetic retinopathy

Thyroid disorders
2 x Goitre
1 x Graves’ disease
1 x hypothyroidism
1 x hyperthyroidism

Pregnancy, reproductive and birth disorders
137 x Spontaneous abortion
41 x Menstrual disorders
7 x Infant disorders after exposure through breast milk
4 x Vaginal haemorrhage
3 x Foetal cardiac disorder
2 x Ectopic pregnancy
2 x Stillborn
2 x Foetal death
2 x Vaginal ulceration
1 x Vaginal infection
1 x Multiple congenital abnormalities
1 x Foetal growth restriction
1 x Foetal maternal haemorrhage
1 x Maternal condition affecting foetus

Other disorders
190 x Difficulty breathing
70 x Hives
15 x Appendicitis or perforated appendicitis
14 x Four year old children vaccinated under age
9 x Cyanosis
6 x Kawasakis’s disease
6 x Gastrointestinal reflux/bleeding/infection
5 x Gastroenteritis
4 x Decreased oxygen saturation
3 x Blood cancer
3 x Photophobia
2 x Rectal haemorrhage
2 x Systemic Lupus erythematous
2 x Long Covid

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