Gerard Rennick: Deaths Including Coroner Deaths Have Been Provisionally Released for the Year 2021. They Provide Very Strong Evidence That the Vaxxines Have Caused Thousands of Excess Deaths

By Septimus Kane

Gerard Rennick: Deaths including coroner deaths have been provisionally released for the year 2021. They provide very strong evidence that the vaccines have caused thousands of excess deaths.

These figures should be a wake up call to Premiers who for the last two years have been justifying lockdowns and mandates in the name of keeping us safe when in fact they have caused increased deaths. Not to mention an enormous number of vaccine injuries, mental health issues, job losses and destruction of civil liberties.

It should a message to corporations that their mandates are potentially killing people as well. Another reason why they need to end now.

If you look at the month by month data you will see that by April 2021 there is only 204 more deaths than April 2020. This increase could be explained by the nation wide lockdown in early April 2020 that would have resulted in fewer deaths.

However after April 2021 deaths increased dramatically resulting in an extra 8,706 deaths by year end.

This is significant because the vaccine rollout started to step up after April.

It should be noted that deaths increased despite neglible population growth and the fact the both NSW and Victoria were locked down for months in 2021. While Victoria was also locked down in 2020, NSW wasn’t. Historically lockdowns generally result in fewer deaths as we saw in 2020 so we should have seen fewer deaths in 2021 because of the extended NSW lockdown.

The increase in deaths of 8,706 cannot be attributed to Covid as there were only around 1,300 deaths from/with Covid in 2021.

Furthermore it should be noted there were 900 odd Covid deaths in 2020 so of the 8,706 increase only 400 could be attributed to higher deaths from Covid.

It is should also be noted that other respiratory related deaths are lower so overall respiratory related disease haven’t increased significantly.

Even so, assuming all the Covid deaths were excess deaths, that leaves more than 8,000 deaths in 2021 that can’t be attributed to Covid or population growth.

January 2022 hasn’t started any better with 15,805 deaths, 2,443 higher than the 13,362 recorded in January 2021. There were 1,139 recorded Covid deaths in January 2022. Again assuming these were all excess deaths (which they weren’t) that leaves another 1,304 other excess deaths that are quite possibly explained by the vaccine rollout.

It’s important to restate the fact that a high number of Covid deaths had underlying chronic conditions but because they also had Covid when they died they were counted as a Covid death. This even applied to people who caught Covid in palliative care.