Germany Jab Injury – Cordi, From Germany

By Jab Injuries Global

Cordi, Germany

I’m Cord one dose on 4/29/2021 and nothing was the same. After vaccination, pressure in the chest with shortness of breath, tachycardia, dizziness, headache, sore palate and throat, tingling on the lips. Rash on the neck, arms and legs, and all over the back. Treated next day tingling and burning on the soles of the feet, legs like rubber could hardly keep me on my feet, powerless and exhausted but can not sleep.

Cardiac arrhythmia, jaw pain, sensitivity to light, memory and concentration difficulties such as dementia (e.g. medication taken twice).

Alternating muscle and joint pain, difficulty finding words, severe back pain, swollen fingers and joints (rings and bracelets no longer fit). Slight numbness on the right eye temple.

No more thirst, but increased urge to urinate, vision worse with optic neuritis <— still present, greatly increased resting heart rate, feeling of fog in the head (brain fog), feeling of heaviness in both legs, alternating complaints and coming in waves. Disoriented, olfactory hallucination, alien odor, and excessive sweating.

High levels of inflammation in the blood.

Vaccination was on April 29th. Complaints still persist and come in waves and have now been alternating for 8 months. The on-call service was there twice.

PEG was ruled out but MRI was abnormal. The sad thing about this story is that there is no recognition (the consequences) of this, even from the doctors, and we have to be labeled as anti-vaccination, although if it were so, we would not have given us this dose or doses. It’s a mess that doctors don’t make a report or are encouraged by politicians not to do so. I can’t hear the word “solidarity” anymore, because who is in solidarity with us now?

Nobody. In our case, the agitation and stigmatization is almost unbearable and we will not be silent until we are heard too. Solidarity must never become a one-way street. We just want our lives back and that these things don’t just fade away. Perhaps some will change their point of view if they too are affected. Be it a child, mother, father or simply your girlfriend.

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