Germany Jab Injury – Gina, From Germany

By Jab Injuries Global

Gina, Germany

My name is Gina (28 years old). Perfectly healthy before the vaccination. 3 weeks after the 2nd vaccination with on June 21st the first symptoms appeared. Numbness and tingling in face, tongue, lip, legs, arms, and fingers.

Muscle weakness, dizziness, tooth and nerve pain, a lump in the throat, headaches, general weakness, hair loss, stomach ache, sleep disorders, and fear of being alone with these different symptoms.

As a result, all examinations by neurologists, cardiologists, pneumologists, internists, orthopedists, with head and spine were without findings. In the blood test, the D-dimers were noticeably high, and the CRP inflammation value. An immunologist found a histamine intolerance after the vaccination. Now I’m on a strict histamine diet. The blood levels are now back to normal. After 6 months, the symptoms are significantly better. However, they return with stress, periods, and alcohol consumption.

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