Germany Jab Injury – Katharina, From Germany

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Katharina, Germany

My name is Katharina, 35 with no pre-existing conditions or known allergies I got 2x Pfizer vaccination (10.4/22.5) after the first vaccination, three days later I felt symptoms of tingling paresthesia in fingers and leg. Additional burning sensations in the face, neck and forearms. An acute cervical vertebra syndrome without supposedly stupid movement and the first outbreak of herpes zoster on the abdomen, followed by heart palpitations and stumbling, insomnia, positional vertigo, visual and word-finding disorders, menstrual cycle disorders. The feeling of being a stranger in your own body. On medical advice and against my own body feeling, I was vaccinated again. Right again.

After the second vaccination, the entire right side (vaccination side) was affected by paresthesias such as tingling, pain and hyperesthesia: numbness in the leg, tailbone, arm and right side of the face. The back of my head is also affected by these abnormal sensations. Also noticeable and visible on the body. Increased headache and high pulse again, positional dizziness and visual disturbances, dry mouth and massive twitching of the left eyelid. Severe jumpiness until the end of summer and goosebumps visible on the body without feeling cold, massive diarrhea until the end of October and severe hair loss since autumn.

I am under neurological supervision, if you can call it that, I have had many examinations without any findings.

The condition has improved a little since the end of the summer. Mentally I’m more stable than in spring/summer. Unfortunately, my twitches are still noticeable, temporary paresthesias on the body also come in flares and my muscles tire quickly and I get shaky extremities after physical exertion and the muscle twitches become stronger after exertion. I try to sleep a lot, eat a low-histamine diet, because histamine suddenly makes the body tingle more and promotes numbness. I supplement a lot and hope to be able to get out of this carousel of symptoms at some point! I call for help for those affected! I want us to be seen! We are the shades of gray of the current black and white view of society!

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