Germany Jab Injury – Ramona, From Germany

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Ramona, Germany

My name is Ramona. I am 42 years old. I’m not a doctor-goer because I’ve just never been sick.

On 10/14/21 I had my 2nd BI.

Symptoms started on 10/16/21: unbearable migraine-like headaches, 24/7 for 7 weeks. I partially fainted and could hardly move. I’ve suffered from migraines for 30 years, but I’ve never experienced pain like this. I rarely left the house because I was so weak that I couldn’t go up the 3 floors. I was constantly dizzy, I had incredible pressure behind my eyes, like they were about to burst. I had chills day and night, my hands and feet are always cold, in the morning I wake up drenched in sweat. Suddenly I couldn’t tolerate any more sugar, I just couldn’t eat a lot of food anymore, meat, bread, dairy products, I felt nauseous all the time.

When I ran more than 500m, it would suddenly start burning between my shoulders, my arms would go numb, my neck would cramp and my head would suddenly start shaking/trembling and the left side of my face would twitch, my body would tremble. My lower jaw is constantly chattering.

I lost my appetite and kept losing weight (8 kg so far).

I am powerless, completely exhausted and actually always tired, although I sometimes sleep 15 hours at a time. My resting heart rate (even at night) is around 90; when I move, it shoots up to 160. The left side of my face and my scalp are painfully sensitive to touch.

I can only stand a few minutes at a time. If I’m better and I overexert myself one day, I’ll have a flare up the very next day and all the symptoms will come back.

My doctor doesn’t believe me and says I’m imagining everything. To date I have not received any treatment.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten a lot of side effects, even after 8 weeks it happens that new symptoms appear. It’s just incredibly exhausting, tiring and above all painful.

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