Germany Jab Injury – Roland, From Germany

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Roland, Germany

Heart attack, cardiac arrhythmia, pacemaker, cardiac catheter…

These are the words I’ve heard in the last few days.

02.12.2021 Vaccination 3 p.m.

I had no symptoms for the first few hours. To be sure, I awoke about 2 a.m. with the following symptoms:
– coughing;
– Sniffles;
— circulatory problems;
— nausea;
– Fever;
— chills;
— lilac jokes;
– Headache; and,
— abdominal pain.

I was then immediately rushed to the emergency room. My inflammation values ​​were 1964 instead of <190. So a small clue, at around 1000 you have a heart attack. My values ​​were almost twice as high. After an ECG and an ultrasound, it wasn’t sure what it could be. That’s why the words above were pointed out. An MRI was performed the next day. Not just part of the heart was inflamed, but the entire heart. After several days of examinations and tests (suspected cardiac arrhythmia) and 24/7 monitoring, I was released.

At the moment I have to take medication every day and have several check-ups every week because the inflammation is still there. Sport is of course no longer possible for 6 months.

If I get sick or have a stabbing pain or a cardiac arrhythmia, I have to go back to the emergency room immediately.

Everyone has to decide for themselves whether they should be vaccinated or not. However, I would like to have the opportunity to make the decision again, since I was completely healthy before.

At the moment I have occasional stitches and the left breast. My inflammation levels have returned to normal. However, according to the EKG, my heart is still very inflamed. That’s why I still have to do tests and take medication. Of course.

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