How Much Longer Should the World Tolerate This Despicable Human, Responsible for Millions of Quackzinne Deaths Well Before the Disastrous BS 19 Lethal Injections He Funded and Pushed

Truthbook Post By Jamie McIntyre

How much longer should the world tolerate this despicable human , responsible for millions of quackzinne deaths well before the disastrous Bs 19 lethal injections he funded and pushed. Should he be made be a small sacrifice for the good of humankind, and take several boosters of his own dodgy fraudulent products, and leave the planet for good?

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Lochie Smith
Normal leftists.

He makes my blood boil. Pauline Hanson legend that she is is saying shes got covid. Im so sick of hearing politicians say they have it and way worse when its freedom politicians like Pauline. How has pcr (and rat tests too) being complete fraud escaped her? and guess whos payroll the guy called Christian Drosten who suggested pcr is on??? kill gates’s thats who.