IT BEGINS: Vaccinated And Boosted Whoopi Goldberg Absent from ‘The View’ Due to COVID-19 For the Third Time

By Jim Hᴏft

n the latest push for the liberal COVID narrative, “The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg is absent from the show due to her third bout of COVID-19. This comes just one day after the White House announced that First Lady Jill Biden also tested positive for the virus. Both are fully vaccinated and boosted, yet here we are.

“As you can see, Whoopi is not here. She has COVID. Yes, it’s back, it’s back. But she’s on the mend. She’s on the tail end and she’ll probably be back this week,” Joy Behar announced.


Last year, Goldberg had returned to the show wearing a shirt that said, “Over It,” and talked about her “rough” time with the virus—despite being “boosted within an inch of her life.”

The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg returned to the set of the long-running ABC daytime talk show last November and spoke about her recent bout of COVID, her second this year despite being vaxxed and boosted. Goldberg said her COVID illness was “rough” in contrast to those who downplay their COVID illnesses while praising the vaccines and boosters. Goldberg joked that she was “boosted within an inch of (her) life.”

“Thank you. Thank you. I tell you, you know, you can get boosted within an inch of your life and then the next thing you know you got COVID again! Good God! But I don’t have it now and that’s why I’m back at the table (cough). But I will tell you, you know, we, we, we’re used to people saying, ‘well, it wasn’t that bad,’ this was a rough one. This was a rough one. (Crosstalk) Yeah, and it was, it wasn’t feeling rough, it was rough. It was rough. You know, you get up and you think I’m going to go, ‘oh no I’m not!” Goldberg said.

“I just feel like, you can only do what you can do and whatever your body decides it’s going to do is what you have to roll with,” Goldberg as she made a virtual appearance on The View on Jan. 5.

Goldberg continued saying, “It could have been much, much, much, much worse, I’m sure, and it wasn’t. I’m really lucky and I’m really, really glad that everyone is now testing negative. I’m the only one left [in my family], who is still positive.”

Goldberg’s case comes after Jill Biden, who is double-vaxxed and twice boosted, tested positive while vacationing in Delaware. Despite President Biden testing negative, the narrative of a looming COVID crisis is being revived. And conveniently, this happens as rumors swirl of a return to full lockdowns and masking mandates—first at airports, and then likely everywhere else.

Whistleblowers have reportedly stated that the Biden Administration is gearing up for another series of lockdowns and mask mandates. Infowars reported that TSA and airport employees could be masked as early as mid-September, with mandates extending to pilots, flight staff, passengers, and all airport patrons by mid-October.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult not to see the pattern. The Democrats seem to be setting the stage for justifying mail-in ballots for the 2024 presidential election. After all, if the COVID-19 narrative continues to be inflated, what better way to control the electoral process than through mail-in ballots.

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