It’s Laughable How the Dodgy Globalists and their Paid off Spiv’s Try and de Bunk the NZ Health Data

Twitter Post By Jamie McIntyre

It’s laughable how the dodgy globalists and their paid off spiv’s try and de bunk the NZ health data, showing that if you were injected with a deadly, unproven and unnecessary drug, masquerading as a Bs19 vaccine, and dropped dead causing an increase in excess deaths, it’s from everything else but the obvious cause.

And this is from an industry that inflated COVID cases with fake test kits, and paid hundreds of millions to hospitals to inject end of life drugs into patients to boost COVID deaths and to count any death as COVID

But no when it’s comes to dying of the vaccine – nope can’t record that .

Take deadly drugs and die suddenly –
That’s pretty simple

Australian National Review

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