Jason Maurer: 45-year-old Ohio Bartender Tells World “Shut up and get your Vaccine,” Dead Five Weeks after Second Moderna mRNA Shot

By The COVID Blog

Mr. Jason Bryan Maurer

A 45-year-old bartender is dead in yet another case of death after social media virtue signaling.

Mr. Jason Bryan Maurer received his first dose of experimental Moderna mRNA on April 2 at the Giant Eagle Pharmacy in Tallmadge, Ohio. He expected side effects because, “Dr. Fauci says yes the first shot is rough.” Several of his friends congratulated him on getting the shot.

Mr. Maurer reported no apparent side effects from the first injection. The second injection came on April 30. Several friends, again, offered praise, including one that said, “girl u gonna get sick as hell for a couple of days, we all did.”

Mr. Maurer posted a very strange update on May 3. He implied that the experimental COVID-19 injections were a good thing because “we still don’t have a vaccine for AIDS.” He concluded the post with, “shut the hell up and get your Covid (sic) vaccine.” Of course, the HIV virus was patented in 1989 and AZT has a skull and crossbones on the label.

Mr. Maurer was the ideal American for the COVID overlords. He registered for the Ohio “Vax-A-Million” lottery that gives people a chance to win money if they receive the experimental injections. Several other states also offer lotteries for vaxxed people.

One of his final Facebook posts mocked Christians. It featured a Bible verse, specifically John 8:31-32 with a man waving a flag that represents homosexual culture (“LGBT”).

Mr. Maurer died on June 5.