Kim Kendall Died ​Within Days After Taking ​Johnson & Johnson Vaxx
By Staff Reporter

Kim Kendall

Johnson & Johnson
Died: 2nd May 2021 within days of the vaccine
Kim died 4 days after her father (John Kendall)
Age 49
Told by Kim’s sister Kathryn Anne Kendall.
As we grieved the loss of our dad (John Kendall), my sister Kim was fighting for her life. She was on a ventilator a Kim passed away on 2nd May 2021.
My sister had the Johnson and Johnson shot also in late April, had the “Flu-like” symptoms that night, but never got better. She was in ICU within days of the vaccine, then ventilator, and died May 2nd. Four days after my dad. She was 49, no health problems, 4 kids, they claimed she had “Covid Pneumonia.”
But after digging deep and researching Johnson and Johnson, severe lung damage, lung complications, symptoms exactly what my sister experienced and specifically with her age, is what I found to be one of the most highly correlated. Yet everybody thinks I’m crazy, for questioning if her death was related to the jab.