Kinda Like a Flu, Fairly Low Mortality Rate – a Disease of the Elderly (You Mean Old People Dying Anyhow Put On End of Life Drugs To Kill Them Faster, Starved and Dehydrated and Relatives Banned and Murdered To Be Counted As BS -19 Deaths) – There Never Was a Pandemic – a Flu Rebranded

Telegram Post By Jamie McIntyre

Kinda like a flu, fairly low mortality rate – a disease of the elderly (you mean old people dying anyhow put on end of life drugs to kill them faster, starved and dehydrated and relatives banned and murdered to be counted as Bs -19 deaths) – there never was a pandemic – a flu rebranded as we warned from the early days – no test kit for Covid – no isolation of the virus, no vaccine was ever needed, no masks, no lockdowns, no global communism and removal of civil liberties and rights – but hey tens of thousands a day are dying from the vaccines, funeral parlours can’t keep up, hundreds a thousand a day injured for life and the real pandemic is yet to start – the manufactured vaccine pandemic that unlike Bs19 is deadly and is killing and can spread to the unvaccinated- Gates you and Fauci have caused deliberate death and injury for profit – scammers since the AIDS scam- and the world is going to hunt you down and hold you accountable for the Bs 19 fraud.

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population control, that’s what it’s about…