Know Anyone Thinking of Getting Another COVID Shot? Urge Them to Watch This Short Video on Vaccine Injuries First!


If you know anyone who is considering getting more jabs, please urge them to watch this short video. It was created nearly 1 year ago and has over 1M views. The end is tragic.

The video ends with the compelling testimony of Stephanie de Garay describing her daughter Maddie’s participation in the Pfizer 12-15 year old trial.

Maddie de Garay, who was 12 years old at the time of the trial, was permanently disabled less than 24 hours after her second Pfizer shot in the clinical trial with 1,131 kids (aged 12-15) getting the shot. 1 in 1,000 kids being permanently disabled due to the shot should have stopped the trial. But Pfizer covered it up and never reported the actual injury; they deliberately misreported it as abdominal pain, including in their paper published in the NEJM. No complaints from the mainstream medical community about scientific fraud have surfaced.

The fraudulent paper is still published in the NEJM. The paper says: “there were no vaccine-related serious adverse events and few overall severe adverse events.” That’s a blatant lie.

But the NEJM isn’t going to retract the paper despite the clear proof of scientific fraud. And doctors will believe what is in the literature, not what is obvious in plain sight. Because that’s the way science works.

FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock promised me that the FDA would investigate, but no investigation has ever taken place; not from the FDA, CDC, Pfizer, or anyone else.

America should be told why there was never an investigation, but the mainstream media will never ask that question.

I hope you enjoy the video and Stephanie’s testimony at the end.

How many people were seriously injured by the COVID vaccines?

From the V-safe data, we can estimate that around 8% of vaccine recipients had a serious injury due to the COVID vaccine. Since over 270M Americans got the shot, this means that over 20M Americans were seriously injured.

Check out these disability graphs compiled by the St. Louis Fed:

Here’s the 3rd graph in detail:

Population - With a Disability, 16 Years and over ...

A rise like this is not random; it is caused by something that is disabling over 1 million of Americans.

Yet, NOBODY is asking any questions as to why the disability rates rose to new highs right after the COVID vaccines rolled out.

If it wasn’t the COVID vaccine, what was it?

And why is nobody talking about this?

Until this is resolved, don’t you think that getting another COVID shot is premature?


Watch the video and keep in mind that this is a small sampling of the millions of people who have been injured by the COVID vaccines.

If you know anyone thinking about getting another jab, show them the video or forward this article.


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