Kristian Tangermann: 45-Years-Old German Mayor “Dead Suddenly And Unexpectedly” In His Home After Receiving mRNA or Viral Vector DNA Injections

By The COVID Blog

Kristian Tangermann

LILIENTHAL, LOWER SAXONY — A 45-year-old mayor and husband is dead; and mainstream media cannot blame COVID-19.

Mr. Kristian Willem Tangermann had been a politician for most of his adult life. He worked in the banking industry in the late 1990s after serving in the German military. Mr. Tangermann served as Lower Saxony state chairman for the Young Union of Germany from 2002-2008. The organization works to further the interests of two conservative political parties – the Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU) and the Christian Social Union in Bavaria (CSU). The organization is said to have over 100,000 members, making it the largest youth political organization in Europe.

Mr. Tangermann went to law school in Hamburg. He graduated in 2004 and completed his legal clerkship at the The Higher Regional Court of Celle in 2007. Mr. Tangermann was a federal civil servant for the family and labor ministry in Berlin from 2007 to 2011. Among his duties was serving as a personal advisor for then Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Ursula von der Leyen. The latter is now President of the European Commission.

Mr. Tangermann and current North Rhine-Westphalia Minister of Transport Ina Brandes, got married on September 13, 2009, according to Ms. Brandes’ Facebook page. Mr. Tangermann was the office manager for CDU State Chairman and Lower Saxony Prime Minister David McAllister from 2011 to 2013.

He returned to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs from 2013 to 2016, before becoming mayor of  Lilienthal in 2016.

Another “vaccine” coincidence?

Note that there is no definitive evidence pointing to Mr. Tangermann receiving mRNA or viral vector DNA injections. There is, however, concrete proof that he did not die of so-called COVID-19. Thus mainstream media cannot use that excuse for this death of a relatively-young person. The last month of his life was a strange mix of vaxx zealotry, COVID-19 fearmongering, and loyalty to the overall narrative.

Mr. Tangermann posted a link to the Lower Saxony municipal website on Facebook on February 25 that outlined new COVID-19 ordinances within the city.

Here are a few lowlights from the ordinance:

  • Dancing is also possible again, but from a number of guests of more than 50 people only with a mask.
  • The vaccinated person must be able to provide proof on paper or digitally as proof.
  • If your final vaccination was already 3 months ago, then we strongly recommend the booster vaccination.

A Romanian website called Active News said Mr. Tangermann was vaccinated. Reporter Vlad Pârău also said Mr. Tangermann constantly used his position to promote the injections. Mr Pârău quoted Mr. Tangermann from a March 1 press release to Lilienthal residents:

“Due to the number of infections in the Osterholz district and to limit the pandemic to the crown, we decided that personal access to the town hall is still possible only after prior telephone registration.  Keep calm. The virus is not yet defeated. Thanks to everyone who follows the instructions for fighting the corona virus. Reduce your contacts as much as possible and get vaccinated. Thanks to everyone who has been and will be vaccinated against coronavirus. Stay healthy and confident.”

Mr. Tangermann posted a photo of a COVID-19 test, declaring that he was negative, on March 16.

He posted more fearmongering content on March 20, declaring, “unfortunately the numbers are rising again!”

Mr. Tangermann posted another photo of a COVID-19 test, declaring he was negative gain on March 21.

His final Facebook post came on March 21 at 10:29 a.m., promoting something called The International Cafe in the Monastery Church in Lilienthal. Mr. Tangermann was found dead by relatives in his Seebergen home the next day. There were no indications of foul play. The Verden/Osterholz Police opened an investigation because Mr. Tangermann “died young and unexpectedly.” CDU State Chairman Bernd Althusmann is one of several politicians to offer condolences. “His sudden death shocks us all and leaves a void that will never be filled,” he said.

One media outlet said Mr. Tangermann was admired by many citizens of Lilienthal. There are no further updates as of publishing.