Labor Senator Kimberley Kitching Dies Aged 52, To Continue the Alarming Pattern of Australians Dying After the C0VID Vaxxines

Kimberly Kitching, Labor MP died suddenly from a heart attack at just 52, to continue the alarming pattern of Australians dying after the Covid vaccines-

In an alarming pattern, more and more Australians and citizens globally are dropping dead from heart attacks, after Covid vaccines.

How long before panic sets in from others who have been vaccinated? Especially after the release of the Pfizer documents they tried to suppress to 2085, of 42,000 adverse reactions out of 45,000 volunteers and 3% mortality rate but growing daily – it could end up being 10-30% rate within a matter of a few short years.

Labor Senator Kimberley Kitching Dies Aged 52

It is understood Ms. Kitching suffered a suspected heart attack.


Here’s what others had to say:

Awe Struck
So many heart attacks, it’s almost a pandemic in itself. My condolences.

Lily White aka Conspiracy Realist
This is a horrific situation played out right in our stunned faces, seems being over 50 means your probably going to have a heart attack… do not take the juice and live a long life.

Very sad. It’s horrible seeing the increased heart attacks world wide. Watching healthy, fit athletes die to… people can’t keep brushing it under the rug like it’s normal.

mariana pomohaci
Sorry, but where was she “defending human rights” that were, and are been violations in Victoria for the last two years??? Did she speak up when people were used as lab rats by big pharma and government?? Where was she when Dan Andrew said no jab no job?? Did she stand for human rights in Victoria when the Anzac were looked out from the memorial while thousands could attend footy ?? If she didn’t defend her fellow citizens rights, then what dose it really matter what she did overseas.

Daryl Hooke
Sky news, please do some investigative journalism as to why so many younger people are now dying of heart attacks. This is unprecedented.

Simon Brown
Just imagine if people could see all the ones they hide.

Richard Sauce
Very Tragic. However we all know why this may happen but we can’t say, what a strange world we live in. RIP

Bob Smith
These deaths are the ones we know of. I personally know 2 people who have died from heart attacks after the coof juice.

william Binn
Another one bites the dust…… “Died suddenly” is an amazing google search entry. 710 million hits. Wow!

Susan Frazer
I do not know about anyone else but I am hearing about an awful lot of people having heart issues now. This is unprecedented. My sincere condolences to her family.

David Dawson
Dropping like soccer players. RIP

Lidia Soares
Condolences to the family and may Senator Kimberley Kitching Rest in Peace.

Karina Bailey
I’m in the UK and have not only experienced unexplained health problems myself, but have personal experience of the death of one of my family members, she died of an aneurysm. Plus four close friends/family developing ‘heart issues’. One of my female friends had to be resuscitated after having a heart attack, she had no previous health conditions and was fit and healthy (non-smoker, healthy eating, normal weight) My elderly 81-year-old mother has to now take medication daily to correct a heart arrhythmia – my mum is healthier than me and has never had any prior health concerns. I had the first two Covid vaccines (and experienced health problems) and have definitely made up my mind that I will have no more.

jody mckenzie
All these young people dying from heart attacks. The MSM & the TGA will tell us there’s “Nothing to see here”. I think a lot of us know the truth but we are called “Conspiracy Theorists”. Condolences to her husband and family never the less.

Tim Robinson
Yes lots of questions need to be answered another untimely death of someone who should still be with us.

Jenny Bailey
The tough part was not putting up with being systematically removed from the country we thought was our home, it wasn’t tough being publicly shamed. The tough part comes watching those we know and don’t know all fall sick and die one by one, always the same underlying issues they didn’t have before. And still they continue
And we continue to cry. Thank you Scott for driving in the final nail. I really hope that you understand that you are probably going to hell. And the DUMBS won’t save you.

There are so many high profile cases, enough to warrant further investigation. But there must be a hundred times more among every day people.

Mike Andrews
Thanks to sky for laying down the sword when a warrior passes regardless of political colour. A respect not afforded by the other side. And I’m from the other side. Thank you.

Emily Kalafatis
This is people in the spotlight I wonder how many everyday Australian are dieing and we don’t know, this is only the beginning, God helps all of theme, never trust Giverment when they push so hard to take something that you don’t no the outcome and they are exempt.


Vaccination is ‘Our Only Way Out of This Nightmare’

Labor Senator Kimberley Kitching says the “only way out” of the pandemic is to be vaccinated and Australians should not be discouraging others from receiving the jab.

“Being vaccinated is the only way out of this nightmare and it is a bit of a nightmare with the rolling lockdowns but obviously we need the supply of the vaccines and they are coming,” she told Sky News.

Ms Kitching criticised the vaccine appointment process in the eastern seaboard as “not good and a bit of a mess” and in need of improvement.

Ms Kitching also said the Australian Bureau of Statistics released data showing “ten to 19 per cent of Australians on a state by state breakdown” do not agree with getting vaccinated as soon as possible.

“There’s still a lot of work to be done and a lot of work to encourage our fellow Australians to be vaccinated.”

“It is wrong for people to be discouraging people from being vaccinated, we need everyone to be vaccinated, and I think we are all in this together.”


Here’s what others had to say:

robin baby
I’ll take my chances with covid, my immune system is on lvl 9000. Lol

Anaconda MaltLiquor
“The world is engaged in the largest clinical trial, the largest global vaccination trial ever” – Greg Hunt. Australian Federal Minister for Health. February 2021.

HELL NO. Getting rid of corrupt governments is our only way out of this nightmare.

Father is still recovering from his quad bypass 1 month after the jab.
Over a year on I’ve still never met anyone who had covid, or had the symptoms.
No jab for me

I will never have the experimental injection no matter what, this is eugenics.

Totalitarian TV
When this lady isn’t looking down and reading her script, just randomly pause the video and just look into her or at her eyes and it tells the whole story. She’s got the look for sure. Can’t hide it.

LookWhatYour BrotherDidToTheDoor
Make sure that when getting (or forced) the killshot you tell the person giving you the shot you want to film their face that way you’re family can sue the government later on when you have an adverse reaction.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
Australians wake up.
These people lie !

Crikeys!… imagine meeting her down a dark alley, holding a jab shot as she says ” its the only way!!”… now that WOULD be a nightmare.

Getting rid of stupid politicians and bureaucrats is our only way out of this nightmare.

chairman dan
I would echo other commentators on this post, the nightmare has been created by politicians left and right.

Just to quote a wise person – “Historically speaking, the ones burning books and silencing opposing views have NEVER been the good guys”.

Clint Lloyd
What nightmare exactly? Two deaths this year and basically no one in hospital. These people sure have the most loveliest nightmares I’ve ever heard about…

Davy Zywek
One more time I will hear from someone “we are all in this together” I will officially lose my shit.

It’s baffling to me when I hear a bureaucrat say ‘we’re all in this together”. I grew up a ward of the state, I distinctly remember a callus indifference from anyone that had anything to do with the government, the first life lesson I got was to never trust anyone from the government.

Drazic Milosovic
I’m not in the habit of employees telling me what to do; so the government can shut up and get on with what they’re paid to do. That would be a welcome improvement.

Madam O
Come back and talk to us when you can a) allow us to ask proper questions without being called an antivaxor, conspiracy theorist or a far right extremist b) when you can give us clear & concise answers regarding long term side effects c) when you can get the vaccine message right d) when you tell us honestly who gains the $$$$.

Bala Suppiah
Are you sure vaccines are the only way out? Currently, almost all vulnerable elderly Australians have been vaccinated but we’re still in lockdown. This shows our leaders are not confident the vaccines would work.