Large Geriatric Practice Reports 3X Increase in Deaths AFTER the COVID-19 Vaccines Rolled Out


Deanna Kline, an RN with 35 years of experience, has the case histories of everyone who died. They were all vaccinated with the COVID vaccine and the excess deaths were attributed to the shots.

Where are the “success anecdotes” where all-cause mortality dramatically fell in a US geriatric practice after the COVID shots rolled out???

All I can find are anecdotes, like that from Deanna Kline, an RN with 35 years of experience who wrote a top-rated book on Amazon about what she observed in the large geriatric practice she works at (thousands of elderly patients).

In her practice, they’d regularly see 8 to 10 deaths a year up to and including 2020.

In 2022, they saw 36 deaths. In 2023, they saw 48 deaths.

They’ve never seen anything like it.

The 2022 number chance of happening by chance is 1.7e-10. For 2023, it is 4.5e-18.

This is not random bad luck. This kind of an increase is caused by something.

She knows all the cases and the people who died went downhill fast after getting the vaccine. It was the only common intervention among their patients. Everyone who died was vaccinated (but most of their patients were vaccinated so that’s expected).

She doesn’t want to name the practice because speaking out about what is going on could completely destroy their business.

That’s why they’ve kept quiet about it.

From the comments, an even more extreme example that is statistical impossible

Again, this is not random luck. It was caused by something.

Another example

How can the obituaries increase?


A 3X increase in mortality is a train wreck. If it wasn’t the vaccine, what is the better explanation?

And why can’t I find a single “success case” where all-cause mortality dropped like a rock after the COVID vaccines rolled out? Do you know of one? Let me know in the pinned comment.

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