Ludovic Clerc: 39-Year-Old Died 40 Hours After Second Moderna mRNA Injection

By The COVID Blog

Mr. Ludovic Clerc

MONTPELLIER — A 39-year-old father is dead; and it appears to be the result of mandatory or coerced pre-employment injections.

Mr. Ludovic Clerc, aka Ludo Clerc and Ludz Clerc, received the second Moderna mRNA injection on Thursday, July 22, according to his father, Jean Francois Clerc. The testimonial was originally posted on Jean Francois’ Facebook page and on something called “Vaccine Side Effects Census Group.” It was forwarded to us on Telegram. But Jean Francois was either forced by Facebook to delete every post from July 5 to August 4, or he did so voluntarily.

Ludovic complained of severe pain at the injection site the next day. The following day, Saturday July 24 at around noon, he was found unresponsive with blood spilled out of his nose. Paramedics tried to revive him. But Ludovic was pronounced dead at the scene.

Confirmation of Moderna injection

Jean Francois’ Facebook page confirms the story’s authenticity. He posted an update on August 5 that indicates he was temporarily suspended from Facebook, saying he was “put in the closet.” Here is the screenshot, with the English translation below it.

After being put in the closet, I can finally express myself again . Sad month of July with the sudden loss of my son Ludovic dit Lulu or Ludo and whom many of you knew well. We were both accomplices despite periods of separation we called each other almost every day.

For many years he was professionally by my side and ended up joining us in La Baule last November. I lost a huge part of myself that terrible day in July and will hold a great place in my heart for this beloved son. For my grandson Melvin who is only 13 years old, I must nevertheless continue to live and honor my Ludo. Rest in peace my baby.

Several comments confirm that Ludovic received the injection.

Perhaps Ludovic created the new profile in anticipation of deleting the old one to conform with his new employer’s social media policies. But it’s clear that the two profiles are the same person. They have the same friends and, obviously, the same person’s photos.

Meanwhile Jean Francois is not allowing his son to die in vain. His profile photo is encased in a banner that reads, “No to the Health Pass. Freedom of Opinion.” His subsequent August 5 posts further clarify his position on mRNA and viral vector DNA injections.