Mark Skidmore’s Paper Showing the Vaccines Killed Over 200,000 People in 2021 Will be Retracted by the Journal

By Steve Kirsch

There wasn’t a valid reason given to justify the retraction decision; it’s basically because they don’t like the truth. Now we get to find out if there is an honest medical journal anywhere out there.

Executive summary

Mark Skidmore wrote a paper that showed that over 200,000 people were killed by the vaccine.

It was published in a peer-review medical journal, but some readers didn’t like the message so the editor is retracting the paper. They just told Mark Skidmore the news.

I’ve reached out to the editor for a comment. I wanted to know why the issues couldn’t be addressed by modifying the paper. It’s an important result so every effort should be made to correct any deficiencies first since it did pass peer review. What was the deficiency that was so big that all the reviewers missed it and that can’t be corrected?

After all, the conclusions are solid since Skidmore’s paper confirmed the poll that Rasmussen just did (see Vax death count = COVID death count according to latest Rasmussen Reports poll).

Is there an honest medical journal?

Is there an honest medical journal that will publish Mark’s paper?

Wouldn’t it be great to have this paper republished in the BMJ or NEJM or JAMA??

The Skidmore interview


Reach out to the editor of the journal

You can contact the editor of the journal here and ask him why the Skidmore paper couldn’t be amended to address any issues and why retraction is warranted.


Professor Mark Skidmore has published over 70 papers without incident. Now, when he writes about vaccine harms, for the first time in his career, his paper is retracted for no valid reason.

Is there an honest medical journal that will publish his paper? What do you think?

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