Mentally Ill and Deranged Parents Discuss Vaxxinating Their Children, Foolishly Thinking the Vaxxines Have No Side Effects

By Staff Reporter

Mentally ill and deranged parents discuss vaccinating their children, foolishly thinking the vaccines have no side effects despite one person dropping dead from them every 5-10 seconds Globally, (based on Australia’s excess mortality increase Jan 2022 of 22.1% increase of 2865 extrapolated Globally).

This is despite children having zero risk of Covid, the flu which mysteriously only seems to afflict those above average life expectancy with multiple co-morbidities and already dying. Which is a polite way of saying they simply count people dying already as Covid deaths plus some.

There is no accurate record of Covid deaths (if any) no accurate test kit so no way to know who has been caught Covid (if any).
It’s a fraud on every level but plenty of ways to know the Vaccine is not safe, effective, or necessary.

These parents are murdering their children and legal slush funds are being prepared for class actions against such parents.

Zero serious reactions?
What is wrong with these people?