Mike Yeadon – I Specifically Warned About This Likelihood Over a Year Ago. That’s Why I Asserted My View That It’s Not the First Generation mRNA Vaxxines That Are the Depopulation Agents, but the Modified Versions

By Dr Mike Yeadon

I specifically warned about this likelihood over a year ago. That’s why I asserted my view that it’s not the first generation mRNA vaccines that are the depopulation agents, but the modified versions, which will go into billions of arms, without first going through clinical trials. They used these novel technologies even though unquestionably they’re unavoidably dangerous, BECAUSE they had an additional use for them later. If they’d only wanted to jab people to qualify them for a control code or VaxPass, they could used saline. They’d have got away with it. No excess deaths either! No. They chose mRNA because it’s needed. What for? Well, I came up with several, delayed-action lethal outcomes with plausible deniability in a couple of hours. It’s really not difficult.