Mikhail Kharchev (24-year-old) Died After Taking Sputnik V Vaxx
By Covid Vaccine Victims and Families

Mikhail Kharchev
Vaxx – Sputnik V
Died 2nd Aug 2021
Age: 24 Years Old
On August 2, a 24-year-old boy, Mikhail Kharchev, died in Kholuy, Russia.
“He was forced to get vaccinated at work (he worked as a senior investigator in the Ministry of Internal Affairs)” – his mother told. “After the second he felt bad, but he went to work. He came home for the weekend and on Sunday night he became very sick. When the ambulance arrived, he could not walk well and could not talk, only moaned. Doctors pumped his air for several hours manually, as he could not breathe. At 3 A.M. he was gone…”