Millions Killed For Profit – Covid Was State Sponsored Genocide – Dr. David Martin To EU Parliament

By London Real

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And charge them with crimes against humanity!!!

We as Americans need to rise up and stop our tyrannical government.

In violation of international law these people MUST be held accountable. The people need to rise up!

It’s a shameful demonstration of the level of corruption we are facing in the world at these times.

I demand Justice. This must NOT be ignored. Folks lost their lives. Families lost loved ones. And folks lost both family and friends. And worse. It was deliberate. And here we are three plus years later. And none of this has been addressed officially, and no criminal charges. I’m outraged, I’m sickened, and I demand Criminal charges and Prosecution. Every single person involved need to be held criminally accountable.

That’s horrible that governments have the power to cause so much damage and harm to the people. Look what damage they did to the world!

Wonder how many of the people in this room as they applauded were thinking that they (eu parliament) took part in this crime, yes every government and every company that pushes the jab and ignores this information should be held accountable
The lawsuits for this should be in the trillions.

It’s difficult to come to terms with the amount of evil there is within those who are entrusted with our well-being. Law enforcement and the courts are controlled by these criminals, so they are not the solution.

I am Chinese American, never been to China but until recently, I have been raised in an environment that I am embarrassed of my origin and just hate it. Now…..I want to say I have been wrong after learning more about it. Dr Martin, not all heroes wear cape, god bless you, god bless the US.

I had an instinctive feeling the plandemic was on. I am so happy I listened to my instinct and never fell for this murderous plan. I am still very upset with people who made my life hell and made me change my life plans. But the worst of all are those friends and family brainless people who forced us all into believing we were wrong and harming them!

It’s hard to be respectful when you here the truth of the Corona virus. All the people involved in this should be held accountable. It seems it’s already been forgotten. If we let this atrocity slide, there is no hope for humanity. All involved must pay.

Congratulations to Dr Martin for outing the criminals in such a forum. The fact that this has been in process for so long, is completely intentional, and done purely for profit shows what a great evil is unleashed in the world.

Thank you, Dr. David Martin, for your courage and integrity, and the sanity of reason and truth. I’m furious, not surprised, but nonetheless furious. How dare they, they must be entirely heartless.


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