Ms. Drene Keyes: 58-year-old Grandmother Died After Pfizer mRNA Shot

By The COVID Blog

Ms. Drene Keyes

GLOUCESTER, VIRGINIA — A 58-year-old mother and grandmother is dead after choosing to receive the Pfizer mRNA shot to “protect herself and coworkers.”

Ms. Drene Keyes received her first dose of the so-called “vaccine” on Saturday, January 30. She waited the required 15 minutes and walked out of the facility with a coworker. Ms. Keyes was about to get into a car to leave. But the coworker told WTKR Channel 3 in Norfolk that Ms. Keyes said, “something is not right. Something isn’t right.” She collapsed seconds later.

Emergency medical workers administered CPR and an EpiPen when Ms. Keyes suddenly stopped breathing. She was rushed to VCU Tappahannock Hospital as her condition worsened. ER doctors told her daughter that Ms. Keyes was suffering from anaphylaxis, a severe, life-threatening adverse reaction to mRNA shots. Ms. Keyes’ lungs quickly filled with fluid. This additional reaction/condition is known as flash pulmonary edema. She died within hours, essentially drowning in the fluid resulting from the allergic reaction.