New Zealand Jab Injury – Bibiana, From New Zealand

By Jab Injuries Global

Bibiana, New Zealand

I need to make it clear, I am 100% pro choice and have all mine through childhood and regularly as an adult. I’ve been hesitant to share this because I know some my friends are aggressively pro-vaccine but we need help. We need help being acknowledge and getting appropriate medical help and exemptions or research into care and exemptions from boosters.

On September 18th 2021, the day after my first vaccination, I developed chest pain, shortness of breath (I can’t speak a whole sentence), a very high heart rate (goes from eighty to one hundred and forty just getting out of bed), palpitations, body aches (I’m in agonising pain constantly especially in my back), headaches, physically swelling on my body, bad rashes, new allergies, extreme fatigue and an assortment of other things. Put this down to anxiety for five days even though I didn’t feel anxious at all. I had my flu jab a month earlier and as always was absolutely fine. Eventually my mum convinced me to get help as she too had suffered the same reaction and got told she had a heart issue after her dose.

Since then, I have been to the hospital three times, x-rays, blood tests and doctors countless times, and GP ten times plus. The doctors all have no idea what’s happening to me but assured it was just a coincidence and had nothing to do with the vaccine.

I have been diagnosed with apparent anxiety, then costochondritis, then myalgia now its never related but still nothing is written on paper and I Have had no specialists recommendations other than “the infections diseases centre.”

I have been bed ridden for almost eleven weeks. The week before I was super healthy and I even did a huge bush walk. Now, I can barely pack three orders for my business.

My heart rate is still super fast. I was told by my doctor it’s normal to have a heart rate of one hundred and forty just standing still, though. For a twenty-eight year old, I’m sure that’s not true. I’m exhausted, fatigued, and my mental health is deteriorating as a result. I can’t stand for more than ten minutes to cook myself food. I can’t even walk the length of the mall without my heart racing and palpitations so bad you can see my chest thumping and we all know I love going to the mall lol.

I was going to keep my story private, to be honest, because I need t heal in peace and was fearful of my “friends” opinions but now my fiancé is also suffering over a week past her second dose with swollen lymph nodes, chest pain, nerve pains, shortness of breath, and heart flutters.

My mother, my fiancé, and myself have all had reactions almost exactly the same as mine. I’ve seen at least four of my Facebook and instagram friends post themselves in the hospital after reactions also. If you are suffering, also, just know you’re not alone. We will get help. Awareness is the key. Doctors can’t read something they don’t know exists.

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